Top 11 NFC Products of 2019

Top 11 NFC Products of 2019

New year, new products going digital. Here are the top NFC enabled products to look out for in 2019.

February 25, 2020

1 - Mammut Outerwear

Mammut is not your ordinary lifestyle brand, it’s your ultimate lifetime brand. The brand’s Summer '19 Urbaneering Collection is perfect for outdoor-obsessed, digital consumers.

With the tap of a phone on the garment’s embedded NFC touchpoint, the wearer can access in-depth product information, extend warranties and share product feedback. The added features allow consumers to enjoy an immersive Mammut experience beyond the point of purchase and throughout the product’s lifetime.

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2 - Beatie Wolfe Raw Space

Musician Beatie Wolfe reinvents the music experience for the digital audience. Replacing the record with NFC embedded cards, she marries the story, the artwork and tangibility of physical records with the ease of digital music streaming.

Beatie Wolfe Raw Space
image: dezeen

Once tapped, the listener can interact with the corresponding music video, photos, song notes and information. What’s more? The experience loaded on each card is updated periodically, giving the album a dynamic and evergreen quality.

Get a copy here to start listening.

3 - Hyundai Digital Car Key

Does it seem that pant pockets are getting smaller while car keys are only getting bigger? That’s no longer the case with Hyundai digital car keys.

Hyundai Digital Car Key
image: Hyundai

Hyundai’s smartphone app and NFC enablement will allow drivers to lock, unlock and start the car with just one swift tap of a phone, ensuring ease of use and seamless connectivity for drivers.

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4 - BVLGARI Serpenti Forever Belt Bag

BVLGARI Serpenti Forever Belt Bags combine beauty and brain with embedded NFC technology to make it easy for consumers to spot the real deal, BVLGARI employs an NFC authentication solution.

Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Belt Bag
image: Bvlgari

The authenticity of the Serpenti Forever Belt Bags is guaranteed by an NFC tag positioned inside. Additionally, the digital experience associated with the tag takes you to a dedicated webpage that further provides care instructions, related items and extensive product information. How clutch!

Pick one up at

5 - DYNE Multicam Jacket

Looking to dress to impress this summer season? This jacket did the research for you. Tap and learn about the high-tech materials and techniques used in the garment.

Even more, the embedded NFC technology provides a seamless hub where wearers can discover DYNE’s story, entire lookbook and purchase complementary items all in one place.

Shop all of DYNE's NFC enabled activewear online.

6 - Adidas Speedfactory AM4ATL

In honor of SuperBowl LIII, Adidas launched the latest SPEEDFACTORY AM4ATL tie-dye sneakers to celebrate the diverse background of players on the field.

Launched in January 2019, each limited edition pair is programmed to authenticate and unlock a unique digital experience. With such an innovative feature, you are sure to get a kick out of your new kicks.

Available here

7 - L’Oreal UV Tracker

The collaborative launch between L’Oréal and La Roche-Posay, “My Skin Track UV,” takes wearable technology and skincare to the next level.

L’Oreal UV Tracker
image: L’Oreal

The built-in skin sensor helps wearers track their exposures to pollution, pollen and humidity, allowing owners to make better-informed choices concerning their skin. Instead of an external battery source, the tracker is activated by the sun and powered by a phone with NFC.

Get yours at

8 - Berkel Meat Slicer

No matter how you slice and dice it, product registration should be easy as ABC. With the Berkel meat slicer, you are guaranteed a perfectly cut meat and a smooth registration process.

Berkel Meat Slicer
image: Berkel

With just a tap of a phone, you’ll be redirected to the item-specific registration process and perfect curated content for your cured meats.

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9 - LEGO Dimensions Game

Lego dimension games turn players’ imagination into reality by bringing the action figures to life with a simple tap. Tap, connect and play.

LEGO Dimensions Game
image: Lego

When players scan their LEGO characters using the custom Dimensions app, they are able to unlock new characters and levels within the gaming pad. Connecting the smart gaming system with kids’ imaginations is a unique way to engage players on a whole new dimension.

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10 - Mackmyra Swedish Whiskey

You are what you eat... and drink, but what are you drinking? Mackmyra Swedish Whisky adds a little twist to their whiskey bottles to better inform, engage and reward its super fans.

Mackmyra Swedish Whiskey
image: Mackmyra

Powered by NFC, each bottle connects consumers with branded content via their phones. The digital experiences linked to each bottle showcase the origins of the whiskey, explore the value of its Private Cask program, promote a consumer-submitted drink-recipe competition and display other popular products. Cheers to that!

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11 - LV Tambour Horizon SmartWatch

Combining luxury with leading technology, the Tambour Horizon SmartWatch is perfect for all innovative fashion enthusiasts out there. Louis Vuitton debuts its second edition Tambour Horizon smartwatch.

The second generation includes exclusive software like ‘my travel’ itinerary watch face and ‘ LV city guide’ app. What’s more, it can monitor air quality and perform NFC payments. Watch out, this smartwatch is built to tell more than time.

Start telling more than time by getting a Horizon SmartWatch at Louis Vuitton


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