Top 20 NFC & QR Uses of 2020

Top 20 NFC & QR Uses of 2020

Check out some of the top consumer experiences from 2020, all brought to you by QR and NFC.

September 25, 2023

QR codes and NFC tags have been making products smart for years, but the use of both accelerated in 2020. Consumer demand for contactless solutions spurred much of this growth, as did the fact that both connecting technologies can now be used natively on almost all new devices.

All of this led to fantastic NFC and QR uses in 2020. Explore 20 of our favorites below.

1 - Burger King Will Give You a Free Whopper If You Catch Its Moving QR Code on TV

"The royal burger slinger is airing QR codes across the screen during its commercial spots. Viewers have to scan the code and claim the freebie in the BK mobile app for a Whopper with their next purchase."


2 - iOS 14’s App Clips will save you from always needing ‘an app for that’

“For example, an App Clip Code placed on a parking meter would allow a user to quickly load just the part of the app where they pay for their time. They can even skip manual credit card entry by using Apple Pay, if included in a given App Clip.”

Tech Crunch

3 - POC Ventral Air Spin NFC Helmet

"A modern helmet has to accomplish a lot more than helmets from just a few years ago. Poc's Ventral Air Spin NFC does exactly that, with incredible venting, a unique look that belies clever aerodynamic design, and an embedded chip that provides your vital info to medical professionals or bystanders should you crash. It's an impressive helmet in a crowded field of impressive helmets."


4 - Chiquita Banana Spotify Codes

"All you have to do is scan the stickers on the Spotify app to listen to some great tunes from Chiquita."

5 - Welcome, please scan your QR code: In South Korea, a high-tech registry for nightlife amid coronavirus

"Everyone visiting high-risk places including clubs and noraebang, as popular private-room karaokes are known, will be required to scan a QR code that will log their information into government databases."

L.A. Times

6 - Vita Coco Coupon  

Vita Coco innovated the money back guarantee.

The company transformed the traditional incentive to try a product into a dynamic digital gateway providing consumers with added value long after the initial trial purchase. The graphics above show the actual digital experiences consumers saw when they scanned the code.

Vita Coco

7 - WhatsApp tests new feature that lets you add contacts via QR codes

"WhatsApp’s latest beta version lets you add contacts by scanning their QR codes, WABetaInfo reports. The feature, which is available in beta on both iOS and Android, can be found in the app’s settings menu, where there are options to display your own code, as well as to scan other people’s. A QR code can also be revoked if it gets shared with someone who you don’t want to have your number."

The Verge

8 - PAACHN NFC Face Mask

PAACHN designs technical apparel to support a creative lifestyle. Every design comes with PAACHN’s Connected Wear Experience. It’s simple: use your phone and tap to consume your private experience and feel more connected to your clothing.

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9 - Oliva Cigars Adding Traceability to Products With QR Codes

"From now on, Oliva Cigars will be printing a unique QR code on each of its Serie V Melania cigars. Anyone who scans this code with their mobile device will immediately be provided with a detailed breakdown of that particular cigar."

Tobacco Business

10 - CVS becomes first national retailer to offer support for Paypal and Venmo QR codes at checkout

"PayPal announced... that its customers can now use either PayPal or Venmo QR codes when checking out at more than 8,200 CVS retail stores across the U.S."

Tech Crunch

11 - Levi’s and Ganni Double Up on Upcycled Rental Denim

"The limited-edition collection includes garments with a scannable QR code on the label by trims supplier Avery Dennison that displays one of four messages related to the garment’s supply chain, eco-friendly washing tips, garment recycling information and the collection’s story."

Sourcing Journal

12 - World’s first Giant, Land Based Scannable QR Code arrives on North Wales Beach

"A giant QR Code-inspired sand artwork appeared on a North Wales beach sparking bemusement amongst locals last week."

North Wales Business News

13 - Princes turns to QR codes and blockchain for sustainability storytelling

"Princes is printing QR codes on its Napolina brand tomato products which, when scanned, will provide consumers with information about supply chain sustainability."


14 - Bike Path Call 911  

Westchester County Parks uses QR codes to transform trails into the Westchester Smart Trailway. Scanning the code gives visitors access to maps, local weather, safety information and much more. Explore the actual digital experience to see how it works.

15 - Jones Soda Turns Bottles into Voter Registration Tools

"Limited-edition Vote 2020 labels on bottles of Jones Soda feature voting-themed graphics and copy along with a QR code that allows consumers to register to vote from their smartphones."

Packaging World

16 - Square launches QR codes that let you order from your table at a restaurant

"Square is giving restaurants another way to operate through the pandemic: QR codes that customers can scan to pull up a menu, order and pay."

The Verge

17 - ExxonMobil to combine NFC and QR mobile payments at the pump

"Drivers refueling their vehicles at Exxon and Mobil fuel stations across the USA will soon be able to make seamless contactless payments at the pump with their Apple or Android mobile device simply by tapping an NFC sticker or by using the camera to scan a QR code printed on it."


18 - What’s behind the QR code on Vogue India’s September cover?

"For the first time ever, a Vogue India cover will sport a QR code that will lead readers to a very special unplugged rendition of a song off Norah Jones’ latest studio album."


19 - Stacy's Pita Chips links to women's business directory with QR codes

"Stacy's Pita Chips will link to the 'Female Founder Finder,' a geotargeted directory of more than 13,000 women-owned businesses, with QR codes on its packaging, per an announcement emailed to Mobile Marketer. Stacy's is marketed by PepsiCo's Frito-Lay snacks unit."

Marketing Dive

20 - Sony shows how much easier logging into the PS5 can be, among other tutorials

"One option is to fill in standard sign-in ID and password boxes, a process that I personally dread — it’s cumbersome to type in my credentials with a controller.

But Sony will also let you sign in by scanning a QR code with the PlayStation app, which seems a heck of a lot easier to me."

The Verge

These 20 smart products are only the beginning of what brands used NFC and QR for in 2020, and we can't wait to see what innovative projects the future holds!


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