5 Reasons You Need A Platform For Your Next NFC Rollout

5 Reasons You Need A Platform For Your Next NFC Rollout

Here we look at 5 ways using a platform to power your next NFC rollout will help you get the most out of the investment.

May 17, 2023

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a powerful connecting technology that allows consumer interaction with products using their smartphone. NFC enables consumers to receive content or take an action, such as making a mobile payment. For more information on NFC and its use cases, see our Complete Guide to NFC.

With the many possibilities NFC provides, innovative brands like adidas, L’Oreal, LEGO and BVLGARI are quickly adding the technology to their products. But because NFC is a relatively new technology, not everyone understands how to get the most out of an NFC deployment.

The Potential of NFC

Successful NFC rollouts start with a predefined set of KPI’s and take into consideration multiple deliverables, like how NFC tags will be added to the manufacturing process, where the NFC tags will be placed to maximize engagement, what the call-to-action will be, and crafting the optimal digital experience for a given product.

When considering how to add NFC to a new or existing product, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your goals?
  • What is your call-to-action?
  • Are your NFC tags pre-encoded?
  • How will the encoded URLs be associated with SKU data?
  • What content / experience / story will add the most value to this item for your end consumer?

Additionally, ask yourself what your consumers want to see from Connected Products leveraging NFC. These can include:

  • Product Authentication
  • Track and trace
  • Exclusive access and content
  • Promotions
  • Sustainability initiatives

When considering what the end experience should include, see our top product experiences.

Having a platform purpose built to make, manage and measure your NFC rollout is essential to its success.

Here we look at five ways using a platform to power your next NFC rollout will help you get the most out of the investment.

1 - Maximize Your Investment

Working with a purpose built platform designed specifically for NFC experiences can greatly improve your team's efficiency and ability to achieve your project goals.

Here at Blue Bite, we have over 15 years experience enabling physical things with digital experiences, and have distilled all of our expertise into the premier online platform for helping you manage your enabled objects and their associated digital experiences at scale.

2 - Freedom to Change the Experience

Brands often hardcode a company website, static promotional page or app deep link to their NFC tags. This can be disastrous if you ever need to change this content in the future. It also sets up the product experience to be static, which leads to lower interaction rates overall.

The problem here is that consumers expect more than a static website out of the digital experience that is embedded into their products ⁠— for the life of the product.

Using a platform to manage a product's experience dynamically provides brands the freedom to change the experience and content before, during and after a product is sold. The result is a better consumer experience and, ultimately, a higher ROI for the brand.

3 - Build Dynamic Experiences without Developers

One of the biggest problems most NFC deployments suffer from is a poor consumer experience, usually resulting from a lack of strategic direction or inadequate tools to execute on the vision. Consumers demand dynamic, engaging content with each and every tap. Traditional website tools were not meant for this new channel and fall flat in the eyes of consumers.

Just because traditional website tools don’t offer the best tools to engage consumers through these types of experiences doesn't mean the tools don’t exist. Transform your physical products into a digital platform with the right creative tools. Using a platform designed to create dynamic, engaging consumer experiences at scale is key to adding long term value to products.

The Blue Bite platform provides you the creative tools you need to build engaging, dynamic consumer experiences without engineering or developers.

4 - Protect Your Brand

Brands need a way to protect products against counterfeiting, as well as to protect consumers against tampered consumables. A big advantage of NFC is that it can provide brands the power to authenticate their products to end consumers with just a tap ⁠— though NFC tags are only half of a complete authentication solution.

NFC tags combined with advanced elliptic curve cryptography powered by a cloud platform is the only way to truly authenticate branded products. When embedded NFC tags are backed with a powerful cloud platform, brands can protect their identity and consumers with item-level product authentication and tamper detection.

Blue Bite Authentication provides a complete solution encompassing NFC tags, a cloud platform and a consumer facing application to make sure your brand and consumers are protected from counterfeits.

5 - Understand Changing Customer Needs with Powerful Analytics

When deploying NFC without a supporting platform, brands lose out on valuable insights due to a lack of reporting. One of the biggest values of enabling products with NFC is the technology's ability to become part of a product's entire lifecycle. When combined with a cloud platform, brands can engage consumers after the sale to better understand their needs and create better, more desirable products in the future.

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