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Connecting Possibility

Build value for your brand and consumers by transforming your products into a two-way, digital channel. Take advantage of our enterprise-grade platform and team of experts to improve measurable results in less time, without the guesswork. We’ve been doing this for over 15 years — we've got you covered.

With Blue Bite’s connected packaging, 40% of salon patrons scanned our QR code to receive a personalized prescription of complementary Redken products to use at home — right on their mobile phone.
— L'Oréal

Proven to Drive Higher Engagement, Conversion and Loyalty with Connected Products

Don’t let a QR Code redirecting to a static webpage tarnish your brand’s reputation. Instead, surprise and delight your consumers with a personalized experience that delivers dynamic landing pages and web-apps for each consumer, product and situation.

In short — the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

A Strategy for Success

Brands that lack a robust Connected Product strategy  waste time and effort, risking project failure

Better Connected Products

Eliminate bad consumer experiences and the need to build many individual webpages

Actionable Insights

Stop missing out on valuable in-store data and post-purchase intelligence

We have successfully transformed tens of millions of products for the largest and most innovative brands

How It Works

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Personalized Storytelling

Tell Your Story, Your Way

Don’t provide a bad consumer experience. Deliver content customized to individual consumers based on their preferences and where they are in the product journey.

38% of consumers feel brands deliver content that is not relevant to them.

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Product Commerce

Turn Every Product into a Point of Sale

Avoid missing out on sales with a new direct-to-consumer sales channel that powers tap-to-purchase, exclusive product drops and much more.

Over half of consumers are more likely to buy a product if they’ve connected with the packaging.

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Grow Circularity and Sustainability Initiatives

Stop losing sales to consumers who want to know where your products come from and what they are made of.

65% of consumers say they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability.

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Brand Protection

Protect Your Brand at the Most Valuable Touchpoint

Stop the erosion of your brand value from counterfeits and gray market diversion with Connected Products Authentication.

More than 50% of consumers believe they have purchased a counterfeit product.

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Customer Aquisition

Aquire Consumers across sales channels

When products themselves contain relevant information, brands stay connected with consumers in ways not previously possible.

50%: amount of customers brands lose every 5 years.

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