From advanced QR and NFC scanning to product authentication, Decode is the only app you need to discover the internet of things.


As the online and offline worlds collide, a tool is needed to connect the two. Let Decode become your key to discovering embedded product experiences.

Product Authentication
Counterfeit goods are everywhere, and fake goods are becoming harder to spot. Decode can take the guesswork out of spotting counterfeits with just a tap.

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Decode was built to support multiple technologies, ensuring your ability to interact with all enabled products.

Near Field Communication
NFC is one of the most powerful connecting technologies because it works with just a tap, and the chips powering the connection can be embedded into nearly anything.

The humble barcode can be found on everything from product packaging to window displays. Decode takes QR scanning to the next level, supporting lightning quick single scans, and the ability to detect multiple QR codes simultaneously. With multi-mode you can peek and pop websites right from the scan screen.

See It In Action

Decode works with an increasing number of products. These are a few of our favorites: