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Redken - In-Home

How Redken achieved haircare personalization at scale using Blue Bite-powered mobile experiences.

The world of beauty is personal. Each person has their personal style, personal choice and personal preference. Redken honors this by getting to know consumers on a personal level. 

Redken achieved personalization at scale by using a Blue Bite-powered mobile experience to deliver different content to consumers based on:

  • Where they were in the product journey
  • What language they spoke
  • Additional contextual factors that established a brand new kind of consumer experience




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The Problem

Redken needed a way to engage consumers throughout the entire product lifecycle and beyond — one that allowed them to tell a brand story, drive more sales and build loyalty long after purchase.

And they needed to do that in a personalized way that would actually inspire engagement.

The Solution

The Blue Bite-powered personalized mobile experiences were connected directly to Redken products with a QR code. Consumers scanned the code to launch the experience on their phone.

But this QR code was no simple redirect to a website; it automatically customized the content for the consumer based on a number of different factors rather than requiring the brand to build thousands of individual pages.

What Factors Customized the Experience?

Available in English and French, the experience language was automatically set based on the user’s phone settings. Both languages were easily managed in the Blue Bite Dashboard.

The Specific Product
Because the experience knows which product was scanned, a “Complete Your Hair Routine” call-to-action directed consumers to a “Personalized Prescription.” This prescription presents other products that will perfectly complement the purchase, transforming the product itself into a new kind of direct sales channel.

Different Content for Pre-Sale and Post-Sale
The “Personalized Prescription” also details the benefits of the very product the consumer holds in their hand.

Pre-sale: for consumers in a store or salon and hadn't made a purchase yet, the experience provided additional information that can influence the purchase decision.

Post-sale: for consumers who purchased a product, the experience showcased product-specific use instructions, as well as additional information about the product.

These are just a few of the contextual factors Blue Bite-powered experiences leverage to deliver personalization at scale.

Why It Worked

While it seems like creating these personalized experiences would be a big lift for the brand, one of the biggest reasons projects like this succeed is because it’s so easy to build and manage Blue Bite experiences. 

  • One of the biggest obstacles to personalizing consumer connections today is the amount of time and other resources required, particularly for large brands with a large number of products and customers. Blue Bite solves this with inherently personalized, contextual experiences that can be built and maintained easily.
  • Redken’s digital experiences were developed and maintained by an in-house team using the Blue Bite Studio and Dashboard. The experiences allow a wide variety of customization based on consumer inputs and specific products, without the need to build thousands of individual webpages. 
  • Another perk is clean and simple collateral and packaging. Packaging design can remain clean and simple when there's not a need to provide product instructions and other information on the box.

Next Steps

Also explore our case study of how a different Redken experience was installed directly in salons to connect with consumers in a professional setting.

These two different use cases illustrate how, even in varied location types, Redken is able to forge personal connections with consumers that last far beyond the initial interaction.


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