The CBD industry is expected to surpass $20 billion in sales by 2024. This rapid growth presents an opportunity — and responsibility —  for brands to inform consumers on the safety, sourcing and story of their products.

CBD brand TONIC provides exactly this information directly to consumers via their products, providing assurance they are verified and safe. TONIC packaging includes NFC tags that consumers scan with their phones, activating a digital experience — powered by Blue Bite —  that authenticates the products and provides access to additional information.

Leveraging Blue Bite sets TONIC apart so much as a CBD brand that even Dr. Oz takes notice!




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Third Party Certification

The digital experience is custom to the batch level of each product, so consumers that scan the NFC tag are linked directly to their specific product’s Certificate of Analysis from a third party lab. 

Because Blue Bite is contextual depending on the NFC tag of the product scanned, only one digital experience is needed to display this batch-specific information; no new builds are required when products are added or changed. Instead, that information is stored and maintained at the NFC tag level within Blue Bite's dashboard

Sourcing Information and Additional Content

All of TONIC’s products are made from hemp plants grown on the company’s own Tricolla Farms and then manufactured by hand in small batches. Blue Bite provides the perfect platform to tell the story of the company’s seed-to-sale operation, and how that process results in a sustainable, superior product.

TONIC repurposed much of this content for the experience rather than create it new. Blue Bite, serving as a new communications channel, puts this information directly in front of consumers that may have otherwise missed it.

Growing Sales

Consumers that are confident in both product and company are better equipped to make informed buying decisions. With reordering made as simple as scanning product packaging with a phone and tapping a “Buy” button, creating repeat and complementary sales — and therefore adding to lifetime value — is now frictionless. 

A Better Understanding of Consumers

Blue Bite Analytics provide TONIC with a view of how and where products are being used, as well as the activation rate of consumers scanning their products. The insights gleaned from knowing when and where products are enabled allow for more informed sales and marketing strategies.

Diversion Tracking

As a subset of these location analytics, the company can see if a shipment ends up in the wrong location. This provides an in-depth view of the product lifecycle, even after the sale.

Transforming TONIC products into a digital platform results in both a more informed consumer and a more informed brand.


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