Protect Consumers

Don’t let counterfeits hurt consumers, damage your reputation or vaporize the sales of your cannabis or CBD brand.

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Tell Your Story

One-to-one connection with consumers via your packaging

Protect Your Brand

Uphold item-level brand integrity and safeguard consumers

Grow Your Sales

Turn product into a new sales medium with real-time analytics

Deliver Your Story Directly to Consumers

Ensure Safety
Provide peace of mind to consumers with CBD and cannabis authentication protecting against counterfeits

Privacy Compliance
Maintain regulatory compliance with age-gating, location verification and item information

Consumer Education
Inform consumers about this growing industry; update content as needed with need to change physical packaging


Cannabis & CBD Brand Protection

Customer Assurance
Build and maintain consumer confidence in your products

Do What You Do Best
Focus on creating innovative products instead of worrying about who is trying to copy them

Industry-Leading Security
Embed your products with tamper detecting NFC chips backed by cloud cryptography


Power More Sales

Power one-click reorders and related product purchases

Connect Directly
Avoid advertising regulations and speak directly to your users

Avoid Gray Market Diversion
Track any products being sold on the gray market with product analytics


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