Elevating the Luxury Experience

Protect your brand — and consumers — from counterfeits while delivering the experiences sophisticated consumers now expect, throughout the buying process and beyond.

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The Luxury Brand Owned Channel

Transform physical products and stores into tailored digital experiences that protect your brand with product authentication and engage consumers with contextual content before and after the sale — embracing an increasingly omnichannel luxury market.


Protect your brand and consumers against ever-growing counterfeit market

Elevated Experiences

Engage consumers with experiences that express your rich heritage

Continued Engagement

Extend your relationship beyond the sale and offer loyal buyers more

Brand Protection

Protect Consumers and Your Brand

  • Reassure consumers their purchase is authentic at the product level

  • Transform products into digital experiences that serve as an authentication platform

  • Protect your brand whether the purchase is direct, through a retailer or secondhand

Protect Your Brand
Point of Purchase

Engage and Educate Consumers In-Store

  • Provide a consistent brand experience no matter where the purchase occurs

  • Explain provenance including: care instructions, where it’s from, how it’s made and why it matters to consumers

  • Engage consumers with contextual, interactive content as they consider a purchase

Engage Consumers

Continue to Provide Value After the Sale

  • Engage consumers long after the sale when products are interactive

  • Provide additional value with exclusive content, sustainability messaging, related-product suggestions and more

  • Understand consumers better through product registration forms, usage analytics and more

Promote Sustainability

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