BVLGARI stands apart from other high end luxury brands by combining reverence for its history with a forward looking view that embraces innovation and reinvention — and has done so for over 130 years.

Today, this means taking customer experience to a new level by engaging consumers directly through products.






Creating a Dynamic Experience

BVLGARI worked with our partner, Temera, and Blue Bite to transform their luxury products into a digital communication channel by embedding NFC tags that activate different experiences — depending on context — when users tapped their phones to the objects.

With Digital Product IDs, each individual item launches a personalized experience based on:

  • The product
  • The consumer’s location, time of day and device
  • First- and zero-party data the consumer previously shared
  • And more

Prospective buyers learn more about the product they hold and what makes it uniquely BVLGARI. Client advisors, on the other hand, view an experience specifically designed to help them provide potential buyers with relevant purchase information. A purchase unlocks a buyer-exclusive digital experience that complements and adds value to the physical product.

A Continuous and Direct Communication Channel

This continuous and direct communication channel between BVLGARI and product owners lasts the entire lifecycle of the product, regardless of whether the product was purchased at one of the brand’s boutiques or an authorized retailer. Insights from these interactions help BVLGARI make next season's collection even better than the last.


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