Pablo Erroz

Pablo Erroz

Buy less, but better.

With these words, designer Pablo Erroz sums up his vision of fashion’s future. Sustainable and ethical shoppers will move away from fast fashion and focus on garments that are designed to last.

Erroz contributes to this vision of the future now with a new kind of fashion line. Pieces are timeless — Erroz stopped designing “seasons” three years ago to move away from the notion that items should only last for a set period of time — and they are also digitalized, sustainable and designed to be part of the circular economy.







“We need a real commitment from brands to put sustainability over short term profit. We need increased transparency to speak a common language customers understand so we can invite them to make changes together.”
— Pablo Erroz

Consumers Create Circularity

To truly make pieces circular, consumers must wear items longer, and then recycle, upcycle or resell garments to keep them out of landfills.

Blue Bite Circularity serves as the bridge between Pablo Erroz and those who purchase his designs.

Digitalizing Fashion

And now, for his latest collection — which debuted at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and 080 Barcelona Fashion — Erroz digitalized many garments by embedding an NFC tag.

When consumers scan that tag with their phone, they get a digital version of the piece with a Blue Bite-powered dynamic digital experience. With a Digital Product ID for each garment, the consumer’s Experience is personalized based on the individual product, their location, time, device and first- and zero-party data they previously shared.

Personalized, Scalable Fashion

Because this experience is contextual based on the unique Digital Product ID of the item being scanned, Erroz and his team present consumers with a personalized version without the need to create a completely separate experience for each garment in the Blue Bite platform.

When consumers scan, they are immersed in the full sustainability story of their specific item. The digital twin of their garment informs the consumer on materials sourcing, as well as how the garment was manufactured by local artisans. With a Digital Product ID, each individual garment tells a unique story to the consumer based on that product, and consumer data like location, time, device and first- and zero-party data they previously shared.

But the improved consumer engagement and education doesn’t stop there. The experience is able to show consumers how they can get involved to extend the life of the garment by upcycling, recycling or reselling it. Because the experience is contextual, it can even provide the nearest recycling or resale center based on location.

Blue Bite Circularity delivers a transparent and engaging sustainability story directly to consumers, and then makes it easy for consumers to fully enter their items into the circular economy by doing their part to keep good going.

It’s never been easier to ensure items are really part of the circular economy, and Pablo Erroz is leading the fashion world out of the take, make, waste mindset.


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