Moose Knuckles

Moose Knuckles

Canadian outerwear brand Moose Knuckles promises to protect wearers from the cold, and while their premium outerwear does exactly that, it also does much, much more. Transforming garments into connected products — with embedded NFC tags — brings added value to all parts of the brand, from sourcing to manufacturing to the consumer and beyond. 

This value is added through:

  • Product Authentication to give consumers peace of mind
  • Track and trace ability to prevent gray market diversion
  • An enhanced ability to tell garments' circularity story
  • And more.

Read on to learn find out Blue Bite's connected products platform powers it all.







Protecting Brands and Consumers

Moose Knuckles tracks each specific product in the supply chain all the way through to the retailer, so they know that their products are getting exactly where they are intended. This track and trace ability prevents gray market diversion. 

And they can pass this information along to the consumer.

With counterfeiting of luxury and lifestyle apparel items rising at an alarming rate, consumers need to be assured the product they are purchasing is authentic. Moose Knuckles provides this comfort.

Before purchasing the items, consumers scan the tag with their phone to launch a Blue Bite-powered authentication experience. With one tap, they receive confirmation that the item is authentic and has been traced by the company throughout the supply chain; the experience reads: “100% Moose.” 

Technology Creates a Bridge from the Supply Chain to the Consumer

Moose Knuckles achieves this new level of protection and transparency by embedding r-pac’s new TWINTAG NFC/RFID tags into garments. The dual function, single chip tags combine NFC’s close range frequency for consumer use with long range RFID functionality for supply chain tracking. The tag provides unique individual component ID’s for materials traceability and advanced security and encryption for every individual item, enabling supply chain visibility from farm to manufacture to the consumer — staying connected even after the purchase. 

Don’t Stop the Story at the Sale

But the Blue Bite experience doesn’t only confirm authenticity; below the confirmation copy in the experience are options to learn more about the product details, and how that product fits into the larger Moose Knuckles collection.

Because Blue Bite experiences are contextual depending on where consumers are in the product journey, different information is provided before and after purchase. Before purchase, the consumer needs to see the authentication aspect of the experience and learn more about the quality of the product that will inform their purchase decision.

After the sale, a different version of the experience provides more information about the product to continue to add value. For example, the “Keeping It Clean” section provides cleaning information custom to the specific item.

The “Questions?” section makes the storytelling a two-way street between Moose Knuckles and consumers. Product owners with questions can now simply tap their product to connect directly with the brand. Moose Knuckles is then able to provide even more valuable information in a 1:1 communication channel with the consumer.

Enabling Product Commerce

Additionally, the “You May Also Like” section displays other related products consumers may be interested in. Moose Knuckles uses this opportunity to turn their physical products into a direct sales channel.

We call this Product Commerce, because consumers launching a Blue Bite-powered Moose Knuckles experience are given the opportunity to easily purchase items that complement the item they already own. 

Since the experience is contextual down to the item level, Moose Knuckles only shows products that the consumer may already be interested in based on their purchase — creating an inherently personalized experience. Consumers using the experience can easily purchase those products directly from Moose Knuckles, even if they purchased the original product through a retailer. 

Expanding Sustainability

The experience even offers brands the opportunity to bring the product story full circle. After informing consumers about the sourcing and ethical manufacturing practices to help them make an informed purchase decision, brands can get consumers involved in sustainability initiatives. This can take many forms, but may include advice on where to best resell items on the secondary market.

If that happens, brands have the opportunity to not only keep items out of a landfill, but also connect with a second owner of the item — something never available before. Because the circle continues, the second owner is also able to authenticate the item, which becomes particularly important for a purchase decision on a secondhand market. The second owner then can interact with the same experience to connect directly with Moose Knuckles and also get the same value-add information. 

Bringing it All Back Home

Moose Knuckles gains the ability to provide additional value for their brand and consumers at every point along the entire lifecycle of an item, something never available before. 

Providing protection and value is easier than ever, and Moose Knuckles is taking advantage of it every step of the way.


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