frequently asked questions


We're here to help. Below find answers to some of our most common questions. If you still have questions feel free to drop us a line. Remember all of our plans come with dedicated platform support.

About the platform:

What type of physical objects can I enable with Blue Bite?

You can enable any physical thing that is part of your product line: a shoe, a loyalty card, packaging, etc. Through any one of our supported technologies, connect your products to a mobile device, bringing digital experiences to life in just a few simple steps.

My manufacturer produces NFC chips and/or prints QR codes. Can I buy / source them from my manufacturer?

Absolutely! To ensure compatibility we will need to provide your manufacturer with encoding instructions. For a more streamlined process, ask your manufacturer if they are able to variably print QR codes and/or variably encode NFC chips.

How do I link the NFC stickers or cards I purchased through the website to my account?

When you order NFC stickers and cards, our fulfillment team will encode your tags and upload them to your account.

How do I enable my objects? (First-time)

To enable your objects, log on to Blue Bite and search for the tag IDs you wish to enable. Update the object details and assign an experience to the object. Congrats-- you’ve just enabled your objects!

Is there a limit of how many objects I can manage?

There is no limit to how many objects you can manage. The license you choose will set the limit for your account. Once you surpass that number, you can simply upgrade your license.

I have just enabled my objects. How do I update them?

If you are trying to update a group of objects with similar attributes, use the batch edit function. If you have a group of mostly similar objects, with a few outliers, we suggest updating the few individually and batch editing the rest. If the group you’re trying to update contains a wide variety of objects, contact us so we can personally assist you.

How is this different than printing my own QR codes?

Blue Bite delivers dynamic content that can be programmed after a QR code is printed providing real time control over your content, even after it has been deployed.

What are experiences?

Experiences are dynamic websites that display contextual information about the item being interacted with, its location, social-media content and more. Sign up for Blue Bite to get started building your first IoT experiences today.

What type of content is supported by Blue Bite experiences?

Images, Videos, URLs, social media (Instagram, Twitter and YouTube), and real-time content.

What kind of analytics and/or reporting can I expect?

We provide real-time statistics on the number of Interactions and Engagements. You can filter and export this data via CSV or PDF.

Which industries can benefit from Blue Bite?

Any business that has a product or physical space can benefit from Blue Bite. Visit our Inspiration page to see some examples.

What business challenges does Blue Bite solve?

Blue Bite helps you acquire and retain customers more effectively, by enhancing product value and improving customer experience.

What are the components of the Blue Bite solution?

There are three main components of the Blue Bite solution. Embedding sensors into your products; building and assigning experiences with Blue Bite; and measuring, analyzing, and optimizing your products with the data collected through our dashboard.

What is the Blue Bite onboarding process?

Blue Bite comes equipped with robust documentation, video tutorials, and an online assistant should you need help navigating our system. If additional support is needed, feel free to contact our support team.

How does the free trial work?

Trials come preloaded with virtual objects that simulate physical ones. The trial gives you access to the full platform features, allowing you to quickly and easily evaluate its capabilities.

I purchased the Pre-programmed NFC touchpoints. If I purchase a Platform license, will those objects be part of my plan?

Yes, any objects purchased through the Blue Bite store can be connected to an account.

How do I convert my free trial into a full license?

You can register your account with a payment option at any time during your free trial to activate the full license and begin adding new objects to your account.

About the Technology:

What kind of devices are supported by Blue Bite?

Devices, such as smartphones and tablets, equipped with NFC, barcode, RFID, and bluetooth readers are supported by Blue Bite.

What kind of technologies does Blue Bite work with?

Blue Bite is hardware agnostic; we work with an array of technologies. Visit our Product page to see which technologies we support.

What is a smart object?

A smart object is any product or space that can be interacted with via a mobile device.

How does NFC work?

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a thin, flexible, technology that requires no batteries to function. Devices that interact with NFC read the information encoded and display the dynamic information in either a web browser or native app.

What devices can read NFC?

Android, iPhone and Windows mobile devices have NFC readers embedded in the smartphones and tablets. Check your device manufacturer for compatibility.