frequently asked questions


We're here to help. Below find answers to some of our most common questions. If you still have questions feel free to drop us a line. Remember all of our plans come with dedicated platform support.

About the Platform:

What type of physical objects can I enable with Blue Bite?

You can enable any physical thing that is part of your product line: a shoe, a loyalty card, packaging, etc. See implementations for more information.

How do I link the NFC stickers or cards I purchased through the website to my account?

When you order NFC stickers and cards from our online store, our fulfillment team will encode your tags and upload them to your account.

What are experiences?

Experiences are dynamic websites that display contextual information about the item being interacted with, its location, social-media content and more. Sign up for Blue Bite to get started building your first IoT experiences today.

What kind of analytics and/or reporting can I expect?

We provide real-time statistics on the number of Interactions and Engagements. Google Analytics is also supported in experiences.

What is the Blue Bite on-boarding process?

We help you through the process of enabling your items through building smart experiences. Our dedicated team of experts will work with you to make sure you meet project objectives.

I purchased the Pre-programmed NFC touchpoints. If I purchase a Platform license, will those objects be part of my plan?

Yes, any objects purchased through the Blue Bite store can be connected to an account.

About the Technology:

What devices can read NFC?

Both iPhone and Android devices support NFC. For a complete breakdown see the: iPhone Compatibility Guide and the Android Compatibility Guide.

What technologies work with Blue Bite?

Blue Bite is hardware agnostic; we work with an array of technologies. See our product page to learn more.

How long does an NFC tag last?

NFC tags can be encapsulated in a number of materials to make them safe for items that need to be washed and dried. For embedded products an NFC tag will last the useable life of the product.

How does NFC work?

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a thin, flexible, technology that requires no batteries to function. For more information see The Complete Guide to NFC.

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