Go Circular

Blue Bite Circularity powers end-to-end traceability from sourcing and supply chain to second-hand markets and recycling, providing Digital Product IDs and provenance tracking to brands, suppliers and consumers

Enter the Circular Economy

Innovative businesses are meeting consumer demand for corporate responsibility — while also improving their bottom line — by entering the circular economy.

Control the Product Journey

Blue Bite Circularity empowers you to take control of every step of the product journey. With Digital Product IDs, identify, track and trace individual products through the supply chain to the end consumer and beyond.

  • Empower consumers to resell, return, re-use or recycle items when they are done with them.

  • Increase profits and reduce waste by enabling secondary sales channels with product commerce.

  • Increase transparency and reduce gray market diversion with end-to-end traceability.

  • Protect your brand and the planet from harmful counterfeits with product authentication.

  • Enable a more sustainable supply chain with real-time analytics.

Give Consumers the Transparency they Demand

Today’s consumers demand transparency into how products are sourced and manufactured. Blue Bite provides all this in a trusted, dynamic mobile Experience.

  • Provide detailed product provenance at the item level with Digital Product IDs.

  • Inform on materials, sourcing, place of origin and transport.

  • Provide location-based end-of-product-life instructions for recycling or reselling.

  • Provide hyper-relevant branded messaging with dynamic content logic.

  • Be there to support customers when they have a problem or need help.

Circularity Made Easy

Building Blue Bite Experiences that help you get into the circular economy doesn’t require an IT department, coding or weeks of development.

Drag. Drop. Wow.

Dynamic consumer experiences are just a drag-and-drop away with the Blue Bite Experience Studio.

  • Easily build mobile experiences that work across devices without writing a single line of code.

  • Get up and running quickly with templates built from best practices discovered throughout our 14 year history in the field.

  • Access powerful UI components to easily tell your brand story.

  • Leverage existing data from 3rd party CMS, CRM and PIM systems.

  • Implement form entry to capture leads, registrations and more across sales channels and directly to your CRM.

Object Management
Made Easy

Manage all of your objects all in one place with the Blue Bite Dashboard.

  • Manage product attributes at the SKU or item level with Digital Product IDs.

  • Leverage powerful logic to deliver content based on consumer, product, location, time, device and more.

  • Provide Authentication and Tamper-Detection to give consumers confidence and peace of mind.

  • Create a smarter supply chain with end-to-end traceability.

  • Understand customer needs with real-time analytics and customizable visualizations.

    White Glove
    Service & Support

    Our team of experts has more than 15 years experience enabling millions of objects for some of the worlds largest brands. We’ll help you transform your packaging into dynamic experiences that drive long-term value, starting today.

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