Turn Your Brand Into an Experience

Transform wine, spirits and beer packaging into a brand-owned platform that delivers digital experiences directly to consumers.

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Stand Out on Crowded Shelves

Introduce frictionless connectivity via technologies such as NFC and QR, creating a new, 1:1 channel allowing consumers to interact before, during and after purchase.

Differentiate your Brand

Stand out on crowded shelves and connect with consumers through smart packaging

Protect Consumers and Brand

Assure consumers that products are authentic, safe and haven’t been tampered with

Increase Sales and Lifetime Value

Create a brand platform to grow post-purchase engagement and encourage direct sales

Differentiate Your Brand

  • Create personalized experiences based on location, time of day, user behavior and more; no app required

  • Avoid the noise and regulation of traditional channels

  • Offer exclusive access to recipes, pairing information, AR experiences and more

Differentiate Your Brand

Protect Consumers While Fighting Counterfeits

  • Ensure consumer safety and stop counterfeits from diluting your brand reputation and sales

  • Let consumers know their bottle has not been previously opened with a pre- and post-open experience

  • Gain greater supply chain visibility, fight illegal trading and learn where products are used with analytics tools

Protect Your Brand

Engage Consumers and Add Product Value

  • Encourage direct sales with frictionless tap-to-buy e-commerce

  • Create new connections through unique on-premise and off-premise experiences

  • Foster long-lasting consumer relationships by capturing interaction data directly in your CRM

Engage Consumers

Enable Your Packaging

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