Moët Hennessy

Moët Hennessy

Moët Hennessy creates luxury experiences to match the quality of their luxury products, taking consumer experience to the next level both online and offline. NFC-enabled Private Access Cards offer consumers a chance to participate in exclusive communities that pave the way to continued engagement with the brand.

When tapped, the NFC Chip embedded in the high quality cards launches a Blue Bite-powered mobile experience on the consumer’s phone with exclusive and personalized content not available to anyone else.




Wine and Spirits


Rethinking Engagement

Consumers that launch the Moët Hennessy experience are welcomed into a private digital universe filled with rich storytelling about the specific vintage, exclusive invitations to luxury events, and product recommendations with special offers.

Because the content and information evolves depending on the available events and products, as well as the consumers’ engagement history, users are incentivized to tap their cards often to see what new features await them.

Previously, Moët Hennessy had few ways to connect with consumers since their products are typically sold at third party retailers. Now, because of the contact and registration information provided by consumers in the experience, the brand establishes a direct connection with their consumers that lasts far beyond that purchase.

Rethinking Commerce

In addition to the exclusive content and invites, these digital experiences also encourage users to purchase related products. The brand now engages consumers directly, encouraging them not only to become repeat buyers but to buy directly from the brand, bolstering the company's ecommerce goals.


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