Moët Hennessy

Moët Hennessy

How Moët Hennessy leveraged packaging to create an exclusive luxury digital experience with an outstanding personalized loyalty program for consumers.

Moët Hennessy wanted to leverage a powerful loyalty program that would keep consumers excited and continually engaged. Utilizing a Blue Bite-powered Experience with NFC-enabled Private Access Cards, Moët Hennessy: 

  • Tailors rewards to excite and engage consumers
  • Leverages consumer data to learn what motivates, inspires and captures attention through across different responses
  • Layers rewards based on how frequently consumers shop and engage, or provides different rewards based on their profile and story
  • Learns from reward members’ powerful first-party data, including when and where rewards are accessed (if a consumer does so while using a product)




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Create Compelling Connections

Moët Hennessy was empowered to match the quality of its consumer connections with the high quality of its luxury goods. Using premium Private Access Cards with an embedded NFC Chip, they offer buyers a door into a world of exclusive communities and content — and a direct path to continued engagement post-sale.

With Private Access Cards, consumers can access:

  • Exclusive content
  • Storytelling
  • Invitations to events
  • Product recommendations with special offers
  • Special offers
  • A direct way to buy products, as each card becomes a point-of-sale

Moët Hennessy was previously faced with limited connectivity options with consumers due to most products being sold at third-party retailers. However, contact and registration information provided by consumers in the Experience empowers Moët Hennessy to create direct, lasting relationships. One way this is done is through email capture that customers themselves input.

Leverage Contextuality

Blue Bite Experiences empower brands like Moët Hennessy to ensure the right message reaches the right consumer at the right time — every time.

Moët Hennessy provides personalized, contextual connections based on:

  • Consumer location, time, language and more
  • Upcoming events
  • Products — new, updated, etc.
  • Consumer’s engagement history

As consumers tap and continue to engage over time, the content and information available to them evolves — incentivizing them to keep interacting with new content.

Implement Powerful First- Party Data

Moët Hennessy is empowered to use powerful first-party data to connect with consumers.

In addition to collecting data like consumer emails, Moët Hennessy can also provide a direct point-of-sale in the Experience — a unique tool that was never-before available. It’s direct, continued connectivity with consumers — regardless if sales are through a third party or happened a month, six months, or a year ago.

And as consumers continue to interact with the Experience and their loyalty program, Moët Hennessy is able to learn more about users and how they’re compelled to engage. This empowers Moët Hennessy to adapt and grow with consumers over time.


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