For LOUIS XIII Cognac, true luxury “is all about the experiences we live and who we share them with.”

Experience is at the forefront of THE DROP, an innovative connected product introduced by the House of Rémy Martin that encourages a new generation of digital natives to fulfill the release’s tagline: “Make It Yours.” Blue Bite-powered Experiences help make this possible by:

  • Empowering buyers with access to limited, exclusive perks through personal and unique experiences.
  • Delivering the full story of the new product — and the experiences it creates — directly to the consumer in an immersive and engaging app-like experience (with no app required).
  • Incentivizing consumers to connect with the brand to establish long-term value for both the consumer and the brand.




Wine and Spirits



A New Generation of Consumer

With THE DROP, LOUIS XIII inspires a new generation to “Think a Century Ahead” with modern, elegant and bold experiences powered by Blue Bite’s connected products platform. Available either by the unit or in a five-unit box, each product package for THE DROP includes a QR code consumers scan with their phone to launch a Blue Bite-powered personalized mobile experience. 

“Blue Bite supports our vision by introducing carefully curated exclusive experiences that help customers discover the full scope of THE DROP with activations that are personal and unique to each user.”
— Jean-Philippe Hecquet, CEO of the House of Rémy Martin

More Value for Consumers, More Value for the Brand

The personalized mobile experiences, powered by Blue Bite, open a direct, two-way communication channel between LOUIS XIII and the consumer. The dynamic experience tells the entire story of the new product to the consumer, and invites a deeper interaction via the opportunity to win a free tasting in a unique location. Value is returned to the brand in the form of the contact information the consumer provides to enter the contest.

Exclusive Opportunities

This dynamic experience explores THE DROP and how consumers can make the product their own, encouraging continued engagement by enticing consumers with the opportunity to enjoy private client tastings, events and exposure to the LOUIS Xlll Classic Decanter Collection.

Additional Personalization Options and Value

After being immersed in THE DROP experience, consumers are encouraged to choose THE DROP product that best defines them. Afterward, consumers enter their contact information, as well as their additional interests, to enter for the chance to win the tasting experience. 

This value-add incentivization for the consumer is also a value-add for LOUIS XIII: the brand can now consistently connect with the consumer. Because they also collected additional information on the interests of consumers, the brand can continue this personalized marketing far beyond the sale.

It’s value for the brand and the consumer, and it’s value that lasts a lifetime.


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