Kilchoman Distillery

Kilchoman Distillery

When it comes to brand stories, Kilchoman has a great one: they produce their premium whisky at the only distillery in Scotland where every aspect of production is done onsite — from barley to bottling. The brand digitalizes bottles to ensure consumers know exactly what makes the single malt whisky so special.




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A Clean Label

As a premium spirits brand, Kilchoman bottles feature an uncluttered and distinguished label that purposefully doesn’t leave much room to tell the brand story or provide details about the product in the bottle. That’s where adding a Blue Bite-powered dynamic digital experience directly to the bottle comes in.

To transform their bottle into a digital experience, Kilchoman adds an NFC tag to the back of the label, under a mirror of the brand’s logo. A CTA instructs consumers to tap with their phone to launch the digital experience.  

The Full Story, Direct to Consumer

While the bottle label design remains clean, the digital experience conveys the brand story, product information and more — providing consumers with a wealth of information.

In addition to letting consumers know how the product is manufactured entirely on a single farm, the experience goes further to describe the whisky casks, ages, varieties and more to give them the full story of the product they are consuming.
Because they are contextual based on the specific product, the experiences are customized to each whisky variety the brand manufactures.

Always Current

A primary advantage of digitalizing bottles — rather than adding a printed neck tag, for example — is that messaging can always be easily kept up-to-date.

The main point for us is that we can adapt the message in real time.
Peter Wills, Sales & Marketing Manager, Kilchoman

Because Kilchoman sends whisky around the world, bottles sent at the same time may arrive in one country a couple days later and to another country a couple months later. Static messaging on a neck tag, then, may be outdated by the time it arrives on store shelves. Using an attached digital experience empowers the brand to deliver always current messaging, no matter where the consumer is.

The brand reports that consumers are more likely to engage with the experience than visit the brand’s website, allowing this information to reach more people. It also allows the brand to offer exclusive content to bottle owners that is not available to those simply browsing the site, such as videos of tasting notes and a live feed of the distillery.

Additionally, having access to analytics available for the digital experiences gives the brand insight into metrics like distillery-to-consumer lead time in different parts of the world. This allows the brand to customize messaging based around that timeframe.

Always Relevant

Digital experiences also help the brand make sure the content consumers see is particularly relevant. In addition to being contextual based on product type, Blue Bite-powered experiences also are contextual by location, language, sales status (pre- or post-sale) and more.

The success Kilchoman has seen so far is pushing the brand to look to future advancements such as targeted messaging, competitions and more to specific countries and regions for a more personalized user experience. The brand also plans to use QR codes in certain markets in addition to NFC tags as they see which connecting technology works best in different parts of the world.

Promoting Engagement

To promote engagement, the brand incentivizes taps by running competitions offering consumers the chance to win special and rare bottles of Kilchoman products. Wills reports a 100% increase in tap activity during these competitions, on top of an already high engagement rate.

He also reports that consumers are tapping more than once, illustrating the value they find in the experience. He says having access to these analytics lets the brand know not only when and where consumers are tapping, as well as when the brand needs to update the messaging if the recurring engagement rate falls.

Tracking Gray Market Diversion

In addition to offering consumers in-depth and current digital experiences, Blue Bite empowers Kilchoman to see when and where gray market diversion takes place. If a shipment doesn’t arrive where it should, the brand can track it through the analytics offered in the Dashboard.

Additionally, with so many tax and other important implications that vary by country and region around the world, the brand needs to be sure the distributors they work with are working within their assigned regions. If taps from a shipment bound for a specific country start appearing in a different country, Kilchoman can investigate with the distributor to find out why.


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