Protect Your Brand

Don't let counterfeits damage sales and your reputation. Protect consumers, brand and products with our industry leading product authentication suite.

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Blue Bite Authentication Solutions

Transform products into a digital platform to ensure consumer safety and stop counterfeits from diluting your reputation and sales. Consumers can interact with products through technologies like NFC and QR, to authenticate products before, during and after purchase.

Protect Your Brand

Authenticate products to protect against tampering and counterfeits

Empower Your Products

Ensure products are authentic, regardless of where the purchase takes place

Engage Consumers

Deliver exclusive, branded mobile content and enable new sales opportunities

Protect Consumers and Brand While Fighting Counterfeits

  • Reassure consumers an item is authentic

  • Prevent counterfeit or tampered returns

  • Provide confidence to buyers and sellers in the secondary market

  • Detect and locate items sold on the gray market

Protect Your Brand

Enhance The Consumer Experience

  • Engage consumers with branded content tied directly to products and the authentication experience

  • Deliver exclusive content, product registration forms, personalized service and more through this direct communication tool

  • Reengage loyal customers by offering exclusive product drops and related items exclusively through their existing purchases

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Improve Brand Sustainability

  • Authentication drives sustainability: with fewer counterfeit products circulating, there will be fewer fake products made with unsustainable materials and unethical labor practices

  • Tell your specific story: use the mobile experience to tell the exclusive sustainability story of the very product a consumer holds

  • Detect if an item has been tampered with using NFC tamper tags. Report, for instance, that a spirits or prescription bottle has been previously opened

Be Sustainable