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Transform apparel and footwear into a digital platform to connect your brand directly with consumers

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Enable Products to Tell Your Story

Create personalized mobile experiences that give your products a dynamic voice. Blue Bite makes connection frictionless with technologies like NFC and QR

Protect Consumers and Brand

Provide consumer peace of mind against counterfeits

Encourage Sustainability

Get consumers involvement in sustainability efforts

Create Product Commerce

Grow post-purchase engagement and direct sales

A New Kind of Storytelling

  • Deliver contextual experiences based on location, time of day, user behavior and more

  • Present relevant messaging and content to consumers before, during and after the sale

  • Increase value and engagement with gamification, product information, brand story and more

Tell Your Story

Brand Protection, Consumer Protection

  • Reassure consumers their purchase is authentic at the product level

  • Products themselves become an authentication platform

  • Offer this authentication regardless of where the purchase takes place

Protect Your Brand

Be More Sustainable

  • Don’t just promote circularity, provide the tools for consumers to get involved

  • Inform consumers on sourcing, materials, labor practices at the product level

  • Encourage consumers to get involved in the secondary marketplace to increase product life

Empower Sustainability

Power Product Commerce

  • Sell directly through the products themselves

  • Leverage product use data to create relevant offers and retain more consumers

  • Build community and sales with peer-to-peer commerce

Sell Direct

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