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Transform apparel and footwear into a digital platform to connect your brand directly with consumers

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Enable Products to Tell Your Story

Personalize marketing with dynamic mobile experiences — no app or coding required. Empower a 1:1 communications channel using connecting technologies like NFC and QR

Protect Consumers and Brand

Provide consumer peace of mind against counterfeits

Encourage Sustainability

Get consumers involvement in sustainability efforts

Create Product Commerce

Grow post-purchase engagement and direct sales


A New Kind of Communication

  • Deliver contextual experiences based on location, time of day, user behavior and more; no app required

  • Present relevant messaging and content to consumers before, during and after the sale

  • Increase value and engagement with gamification, product information, brand story and more

Preview this Experience
Preview this Experience

Brand Protection, Consumer Protection

  • Reassure consumers their purchase is authentic at the product level

  • Products themselves become an authentication platform

  • Offer this authentication regardless of where purchase takes place


Grow Circularity and Sustainability Initiatives

  • Don't just promote circularity, provide the tools for consumers to get involved

  • Transparently inform consumers on sourcing, materials and labor practices at the product level

  • Encourage consumers to get involved in the secondary marketplace to increase product life

Preview this Experience
Preview this Experience

Drive Direct Sales

  • Sell directly using the products themselves

  • Build community and sales with peer-to-peer commerce

  • Use product analytics to create relevant offers and retain more consumers

Getting Started

How It Works

The Blue Bite platform provides brands with the tools they need to create dynamic, personalized digital experiences at scale.


Digitalize products with connecting technologies like QR or NFC


Build and deploy dynamic experiences in the Experience Studio


Measure interactions and evaluate KPIs in real-time

Interacting with smart products is easy.


Tap or scan the digitalized product with a phone


Experience launches automatically — no app required


Enjoy a digital experience personalized to you

Getting Started

Applications & technologies

Digitalize Product Packaging

Differentiate your products on crowded shelves by adding QR or NFC to:

  • Bottle Seals

  • Bottle Labels

  • Printed Cans

Add NFC tags to wine and spirits bottles to provide consumers peace of mind that the product.

Embed NFC Within Products and Containers

Embed NFC during the product manufacturing process:

  • Directly in Products

  • Product Labels

  • Product Seals

Add NFC and QR to regulated product packaging like CBD oil to provide product information, brand story and much more.


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