Blue Bite Personalization

Personalization at scale

Blue Bite empowers brands to create thousands or even millions of unique mobile, app-like webpages — or Experiences — customized to individual consumers through the use of advanced logic and automated intelligence. It's so much more than a landing page builder: it's personalization at scale.

Each personalized Experience is made up of brand's existing content and features, including images, videos, forms and functionality. The Blue Bite platform uses proprietary logic to create a mobile Experience unique to each user — something that is impossible to do manually.

Four Pillars of Personalization

Blue Bite leverages four personalization pillars to empower brands to create one-to-many unique landing pages that finally deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time.

  • Product attributes

  • Device and environment

  • User information

  • Context


Product Attributes

Brands are empowered to customize Experiences with:

  • Metadata

  • The kind of product

  • The item’s color

  • The item’s size

  • Other relevant information

Example: A consumer launches an Experience catered specifically to the item in hand, down to the color and size, that offers customized product recommendations and re-order prompts.


Device and Environment

Tailor Experiences based on:

  • A consumer’s location

  • The type of device they launched the Experience with

  • The weather

  • The kind of connecting technology (NFC or QR)

  • And more

Example: A consumer who scans your product on a rainy evening in Tokyo will see a completely different Experience than a consumer who scans the exact same product on a sunny morning in Los Angeles.


User Information

Brands are empowered with first- and zero-party data from the consumer themselves, including:

  • CRM integration

  • Preferred language

  • Previous behavior in the Experience

  • Loyalty program and coupon data

Example: Because a customer has previously provided their preferences the last time they launched the Experience — which was passed directly to the brand’s CRM — the Experience now presents new options based on that feedback.



Show different Experiences to consumers based on the context of when and how often they scan:

  • Pre-sale

  • Post-purchase

  • When it’s their first scan, second scan, or 20th scan

Example: A pre-sale scan provides product information that influences the purchase decision, while the post-purchase scan unlocks exclusive content only available to buyers.

Blue Bite Contextual Experiences in Action

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