Effortlessly link your physical products and packaging to digital experiences with our purpose-built QR Touchpoint Manager

Experience the Difference of a Purpose-built Solution
It's Easy to Connect
The First Step of Your Connected Product Journey
Why Choose Blue Bite Connect?
User Friendly Interface

Generate, customize, and track up to 100 QR Touchpoints for different products, campaigns, or locations. Easily update and redirect codes as needed.

Reliable and Secure

Inspire confidence in your consumers with a seamless experience. We prioritize security, scale and data protection to ensure reliability and safety.

Real-time Analytics

Optimize your marketing strategy and maximize ROI with real-time performance metrics and user engagement reporting.

Blue Bite Connect is Just the Beginning
Go a Step Further
Surprise and Delight Consumers

Connect gives you the ability to link your physical products to existing links, website or landing pages and update them in real-time.

When you're ready, Blue Bite’s Experience Studio will help you create dynamic landing pages and web-apps personalized for each consumer, product and situation.

Discover Personalization
Start Small to Go Big

While Connect is a free version, it offers a taste of the advanced functionality available in our premium Blue Bite solution.

Get a glimpse of the comprehensive feature set that awaits you, including experience creation, intelligent automation, advanced analytics, integration capabilities, and much more.

Your Experience Suite
Scale With Confidence

Your Connected Product strategy shouldn't stand still - neither do we. As your needs progress, Blue Bite grows with you.

Effortlessly transition to our full-featured solution and unlock advanced tools tailored to fuel growth, deepen consumer connections, and drive business success.

How Blue Bite Works
Blue Bite Connect is the gateway to a brand-new era of product digitalization

Start transforming your brand, engaging consumers on a deeper level, and harnessing the power of data to propel your business forward