Blue Bite Contextual Experiences in Action

Don’t settle for a QR code that links to a static, unengaging webpage. Today’s savvy consumers won’t either.

Instead, use Blue Bite as your end-to-end partner for Connected Products and build mobile, app-like pages that are personalized to each individual consumer. They evolve over time throughout the different contexts of the product journey — no manual updates to web pages or apps required.

Here's how Blue Bite Contextual Experiences work.

Content Logic in Action

Blue Bite makes personalization easy:

Inform and Entice Consumers Pre-Sale

Blue Bite makes personalization easy, even before the sale.

Example: Share the sustainability story about the processes and materials that went into making a specific pair of jeans to differentiate your product.

Incentivize Scans With Exclusive Content

Encourage consumers to scan or tap with the promise of exclusive content that can be unlocked after a certain number of scans or through an action — like filling out an email contact form or registering the item post-purchase.

Example: Brands can offer consumers a coupon after scanning in exchange for filling out an email contact form — not only incentivizing a scan (and purchase), but also giving the brand a way to keep in touch with the consumer.

Tailor Content to Each Individual

Brands are empowered to tailor each user’s Experience language based on the consumer’s location — whether it’s a city or a store they’re shopping in — or their personal consumer profile.

Example: A French-speaking consumer can see an Experience in their preferred language, regardless of the city in which they scan. Additionally, they can be shown totally different Experiences if they scan in Montreal, Paris or New York.

Protect Your Brand and Divert Gray Market Sales

With item-level tracking and authentication made simple, protecting your brand has never been easier.

Example: The real-time product analytics brand’s receive in their Blue Bite Object Manager allow them to see exactly when and where any gray market diversion takes place.