PAACHN creates experiential clothing by connecting both our physical and digital worlds. 

PAACHN noticed that most technical apparel has a similar look and utility. So they made something different. 

They made something new with innovative designs using advanced materials; they made something new with a commitment to sustainability; they made something new by transforming their physical garments into digital platforms offering consumers exclusive and private content using Blue Bite-powered experiences. 




Lifestyle and Footwear



Connecting Clothing

PAACHN designs technical apparel to support a creative lifestyle. Every design comes with PAACHN’s Connected Wear Experience. It’s simple: use your phone and tap to consume your private experience and feel more connected to your clothing.

In other words, as the brand puts it, they make “connected wear for creative minds.” 

NFC tags serve as the connecting technology that launches a dynamic digital experience on a consumer’s phone. Consumers now accustomed to tapping NFC tags for contactless payments find this a frictionless way to interact with this experience. 

A New Type of Sustainability

At PAACHN we like to Do Good… Doing Good means what you wear needs to be constructed with a sustainable mindset.

PAACHN goes beyond simply talking about sustainability initiatives by utilizing sustainable materials in their garments and working with partners that are also committed to sustainability. Additionally, they give back through 1% for the Planet. 

Connected experiences give the brand a chance to tell this sustainability story directly to consumers. Not only is PAACHN able to educate consumers on the items they are purchasing, they can also offer guidance on reselling and recycling items at the end of the initial consumer’s use to keep items out of landfills. 

Always Up-to-Date Messaging

Blue Bite empowers brands to always give consumers the most up-to-date messaging; brands change messaging in real time without the need to update static webpages.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand quickly produced face masks to help stop the spread of the virus as part of their “Do Good” mentality. Like all PAACHN products, the masks included embedded NFC tags that launched a Blue Bite experience to provide additional information. 

See exactly how it works in the video below.

Experiences Catered to Every Collection

Since Blue Bite-powered experiences are product specific, PAACHN can create a unique experience for every collection they release. And they do it without the need to create brand new experiences for every product; instead, they control the information presented by managing objects in the Blue Bite Dashboard.

For instance, the brand worked with Campbell La Pun on “The Boxer” collection, and wanted to tell the story behind the image created by the celebrated artist. They not only ended up with a great story, but also a completely unique experience for everyone purchasing items from the collection. 

“Each piece of clothing comes with your own private content that creatively tells the story behind the image,” is how the brand puts it. 

PAACHN is bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds as part of their commitment to making better technical apparel. Blue Bite helps them do it.


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