Blue Bite and r-pac International Partnership

Blue Bite and r-pac International Partnership Empowers Brands to Digitally Enable Physical Products

April 3, 2019

Blue Bite and r-pac International are pleased to announce a strategic partnership creating an end-to-end solution allowing brands to digitally connect with consumers through physical products. The partnership empowers brands leveraging RFID technology to easily track products through the supply chain, deliver relevant content and contextual information, and gain consumer insights after the sale.

The combination of r-pac's manufacturing expertise with Blue Bite's patented cloud platform allows brands to efficiently digitalize their products, changing the way consumers interact with the world and revolutionizing the way brands communicate with consumers. r-pac has 30 offices around the world, delivering 40 billion products every year; Blue Bite has powered innovative digital product experiences for 12 years.

The two companies have worked together previously, including partnering with Smartrac Technology Group and its customer Spyder to enable the U.S. Ski Team jackets. r-pac produced a waterproof Spyder logo patch with a Smartrac NFC (Near Field Communication) inlay; the Blue Bite-powered experience converted the jackets into interactive products that provided contextual information like weather conditions, trail maps and snow reports, enhancing the value to consumers.

“With Blue Bite we have the opportunity to manage the entire product lifecycle,” said Torsten Strauch, VP Europe at r-pac International. “With this partnership, we can enable a consumer experience at scale for our retail partners.”

The partnership allows both companies to provide their customers the most effective path to digitally enable physical objects.

“Our platform is ultimately activated through physical products,” said Mikhail Damiani, CEO & Co-Founder of Blue Bite. “r-pac helps us bring that platform to life in a wide variety of products, and simplifies the embedding process for our brand partners.”

Brands that want to learn more can get started at or see more on the solutions r-pac offers at