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Learn how Blue Bite helps brands build business sustainability, and why it’s smart business to do so.

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Business sustainability is essential to the long-term prosperity of global companies... This is not simply a matter of doing the right thing, it's smart business.
You've invested heavily into products and practices that help make the world a better place. Let your product tell the story so consumers know what they're buying and how their purchase contributes to the solution, not the problem.

Consumer Engagement - Promote Sustainable Behavior

Businesses working to break the take-make-waste system and move toward a circular economy find ways to optimize sustainability practices across the supply chain. Blue Bite empowers you to extend this chain by encouraging consumers to make sustainable choices with your products and reward them for doing so.

Promote Sustainability Events
Blue Bite’s contextual digital experiences provide information to end users based on location, time and more.

Inform and Engage Consumers
Provide repair, reuse, resell and recycling information to consumers directly through a product in hand.

Reward Sustainable Practices
Gamify sustainable behavior through embedded product experiences.

See how Ocean Bottle is using Blue Bite to reduce ocean waste.

Eco-Clarity - A Better Way to Tell Your Story

Clarify your brand's values directly to consumers. Becoming a more sustainable brand is a big investment in time and money. Extend ethical and eco-conscious labeling with an embedded digital experiences that provide additional clarity around what the actual product benefits are.

Educate Consumers
Explain how your brand used sustainable practices to manufacture product before purchase.

A Continually Open Channel
Inform consumers of new sustainable measures and new ways they can get involved so the story doesn’t stop at the sale.

Encourage Product Reuse
Provide instructions on how secondary markets and buyback programs create easy and effective ways to give products a second life.

Establish Trust - Connect to Secondary Markets

While secondary markets are great ways to recycle items, they present unique challenges to both consumers and the markets themselves. Blue Bite provides reassurance for both, while also connecting brands directly to secondary buyers.

Reassure Authenticity
Embed NFC tags into products and reassure buyers — including secondary buyers — that the items they are purchasing are authentic.

Connect with Secondary Buyers
Connect directly with an audience your brand wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Privacy Compliance
Maintain regulatory compliance with age-gating, location verification, and item information.

Stanford University points out that “more than 90 percent of CEOs state that sustainability is important to their company.” It also states that business sustainability efforts must soon shift if they are to drive effective change. While business sustainability efforts have thus far primarily responded to market shifts, the next phase requires companies to actively lead market transformation.

Part of the work to be done is to encourage consumers to participate in the business sustainability practices that companies have enacted.

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Listen to Blue Bite CEO & Co-Founder Mikhail Damiani talk with FashionTech journalist Amanda Cosco about how brands can enable their products to tell their sustainability store, gamify sustainable behavior and create a circular economy around product ownership.
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