Improve Your Sustainability and Circularity Efforts With Blue Bite

Ways to improve your sustainability efforts.

September 25, 2023

As a conscious company, you want to do your part in the circular economy.

Perhaps you track your carbon footprint throughout all steps of the supply chain, and you’ve even gone carbon-neutral. But how can you go above and beyond your sustainability and circularity efforts?

Everyone plays a role in the circular economy — including farmers that grow organic cotton to make t-shirts, the factories that create garments from that cotton, the distributors used to transport clothing, and the consumers that ultimately end up wearing that clothing your company created.

So how do you go the extra mile? A smart products platform like Blue Bite’s digital Experiences can be the tool for your company to connect with consumers and ensure the impact of your sustainability and circularity efforts continues well after your products enter a consumer’s hands.

Looking for ways to improve your own efforts? Here’s how some companies are using Blue Bite technology to do their part.

How Brands Are Building Their Sustainability With Blue Bite

Ocean Bottle: Eliminating Plastic Waste With NFC Technology

Ocean Bottle goes above and beyond giving consumers a reusable bottle to eliminate single-use plastic waste.

In addition to funding the collection of 1,000 single-use plastic bottles, each Ocean Bottle is also powered with Blue Bite Experiences to share a list of water stations where consumers can refill their bottles for free. When they tap a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag embedded into the bottom of each bottle, users are given a map based on their location to find “Reefill” locations. Each time they refill their Ocean Bottle at a partner Reefill location, they can earn credits and track their own impact.

To further fund plastic collection and empower local collectors, each time they refill their bottle, users are given an opportunity to donate more to fund plastic collection. The company is simultaneously empowered with information on how consumers are using the product at partner Reefill locations. These valuable metrics further show Ocean Bottle’s sustainability impact as they reduce plastic waste and help collect ocean plastic worldwide.

With Blue Bite Experiences, Ocean Bottle empowers sustainability and encourages consumers to continue making an impact — well after their purchase.

Pablo Erroz: Connecting With Consumers to Enter the Circular Economy

In an industry saturated by fast fashion and over-consumption, Pablo Erroz set out to make fashion more sustainable.

Rather than following the industry’s standard trend cycles of “seasons,” the designer moved toward timeless pieces that are meant to last and be a part of the circular economy.

Using Blue Bite Circularity, Erroz consumers are immersed in a digital experience, personalized to each garment. With an NFC tag, consumers are given:

  • A digitized version of the garment with a Blue Bite Experience
  • The garment’s full sustainability story — including where materials are sourced, local manufacturing information, and more
  • How they can continue the garment’s life after it’s worn — whether it’s through resale, the closest recycling center, or learning how to upcycle it

To have a truly circular economy, everyone — from farmers to consumers — must play their part. Erroz empowers consumers with information and the resources needed to keep garments in that circular life cycle, rather than a linear one.

Parley and adidas: Empowering Consumers Through Information

The Parley and adidas collaboration is another example of how a product becomes an educational, informational resource for consumers.

Looking for a way to educate customers about ocean pollution and how they’re working to reduce plastic waste, adidas embedded NFC chips into their Ultraboost Parley shoes. 

When consumers tap the tag, which is embedded in the heel cap, they’re immersed in a Blue Bite Experience that:

  • Provides them exclusive content
  • Empowers them with the opportunity to get involved by joining a movement and pledging to raise awareness surrounding plastic waste pollution and bring an end to it

Going Above and Beyond In Your Sustainability and Circularity Efforts 

Blue Bite empowers you to enhance your brand’s sustainability initiatives by serving as the platform where you can create personalized experiences centered around your brand and products.

Blue Bite Experiences empower you to:

  • Be transparent: Supplier lists and manufacturer lists can be hard to track down on websites — especially when it comes down to individual garments. With a personalized quick response (QR) code or an NFC tag, however, you can share all the information personalized to an individual garment or product, cutting through the noise.
  • Educate and inform: Share valuable information and resources with consumers to keep a circular product design in motion. Circularity doesn’t stop with you — so further your reach by empowering your customers with valuable ways they can broaden their own impact.
  • Learn from your own metrics: When you’re empowered with valuable information you gather as consumers scan QR codes and tap NFC tags, you can learn how to further improve your brand’s actions to make smarter, more conscious decisions as a company.

Whether it’s sharing supply chain and manufacturing information, providing valuable resources or sharing ways consumers can play a role in the circular economy, Blue Bite is the platform that empowers you to advance your initiatives. 


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