Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle

When you buy an Ocean Bottle — a sustainably minded reusable bottle that’s part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic  — you fund the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles, stopping them from ever entering our oceans.






Improving our Oceans

Ocean Bottle identified a core challenge to improving our oceans: “The problem with ocean plastic is that we’re not addressing the problem: 80+% of plastic enters the ocean through rivers that run through regions which do not have recycling infrastructure.”

The organization and its partners tackle this issue by “paying above market rates to collect plastic and build recycling centers.”

“Whilst you’re avoiding disposables at home with the Ocean Bottle, plastic collection funds jobs and creates a habit of sustainability around the world.”

NFC Ensures Sustainability Doesn’t Stop at the Purchase

Ocean Bottle wanted consumers to continue to make an impact after purchase. An NFC chip embedded in bottom of each Ocean Bottle activates a unique mobile experience powered by Blue Bite.

“The Ocean Bottle is smart chip activated, so owners will be able to donate more to plastic collection when they refill at partner locations,” wrote the company.

Because the digital experience is contextual based on user-location, a map displays the nearest locations to refill their bottles at “Reefill” locations. Users earn credits each time they tap at a Reefill location (and can also manually add refills to earn credits).

Ocean Bottles Stays Connected to Consumers

A look at early adopters shows an astounding 68% registration rate for users that have activated the Blue Bite digital experience. Incentivizing product registration, along with the practical application of the Reefill maps and credits, connects Ocean Bottle directly to users. This creates a new channel to continuously update users on how they can stay involved for years to come.

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