For their newest chip flavors, funny-frisch partnered with chefs from local German restaurants to produce three new flavors: Salsa & Lime, Beef Burger, and Flammkuchen. To make an impact with the novel flavors, parent company Intersnack, working with syo, leveraged a Blue Bite-powered mobile experience to add a gamification element that encourages consumers to try all the flavors.







Bringing Gamification to Marketing

When consumers scan the QR codes on the chip packaging with their phones, they activate a mobile experience designed to engage them and encourage additional purchases. For each new bag that’s tapped, users earn a new level. Once all three chip flavors have been tapped, consumers can enter to win a year's supply of their favorite chips.

One Digital Experience Delivers Customized Content

Intersnack only needed one mobile experience; because Blue Bite experiences are product-specific, different content displays in the experience depending on which flavor of chip is scanned.

And because the experiences are contextual, they recognize when a consumer has previously scanned a chip bag. This powers the gamification aspect, allowing those that have scanned all three packages to enter the chips raffle.

No Need for Serialized QR Codes

With this versatility built into the mobile experience, there’s no need for serialized QR codes. Only three QR codes were required — one for each flavor — to run this large scale promotion.

The QR codes themselves proved versatile, as well. Originally directed to a static site, Blue Bite was able to redirect them using our platform and activate the IoT gamification experience.

What Kind of Content is Needed?

To explain the origin of each new product, funny-frisch produced a video that tells the story of each new flavor featuring the chef that developed it. The brand also used the app to gather content from users; scanning packages unlocked the ability to rate the flavors.

Leveraging Blue Bite’s easy-to-use platform, Intersnack created a mobile experience with an engaging experience aimed at driving more sales.


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