How Intersnack brought consumers into the creation story and encouraged cross-brand purchases at the point of sale with gamification.

When Intersnack, one of Europe’s leading snack companies, partnered with Blue Bite to launch new flavors and boost engagement with their funny-frisch brand, the company:

  • Introduced new flavors with gamification and storytelling, incentivizing consumer engagement with an engaging, interactive experience.
  • Boosted consumer relationships by bringing customers into part of the creation story and sharing behind-the-scenes on new products and flavors with storytelling.
  • Promoted cross-brand purchases at the point of sale to boost overall sales and leave a lasting impression on consumers.







Introduce New Flavors With Fun 

With an exclusive Blue Bite experience, Intersnack, working with syo, introduced “gamification,” which incentivizes people to engage with the possibility of badges, levels and rewards.

  • When consumers scan the QR codes on the chip packaging with their phones, they activate a mobile experience designed to engage them and encourage additional purchases.
  • For each new bag that’s tapped, users earn a new level.
  • Once all three chip flavors have been tapped, consumers can enter to win a year's supply of their favorite chips.

The brand also used the app to gather content from users; scanning packages unlocked the ability to rate the new flavors. This provided Intersnack with valuable first- and zero-party data.

Promoting Multiple Cross-Brand Purchases at the Point of Sale

The gamification element incentivized consumers to try all the different flavors.

Upon scanning one flavor of chips, consumers would be presented with the others in the mobile experience. This empowered Intersnack to promote multiple products at the point of sale.

Make Consumers Part of the Creation Story

To explain the origin of each new product, funny-frisch produced a video that tells the story of each new flavor featuring the chef that developed it.

This introduced a storytelling element that engages consumers with a behind-the-scenes perspective that boosts brand loyalty through relationship building.

Deliver Customized Content Seamlessly With A Single Mobile Experience

With product-specific experiences powered by Blue Bite, Intersnack seamlessly delivered different content displays depending on which chip flavor was scanned.

  • Provide Value With Contextual Content: Consumer experiences would be personalized depending on what flavor was scanned and if the consumer had previously scanned a chip bag.
  • This powered the gamification aspect, allowing those who scanned all three packages to enter the chips raffle.
  • Versatility Means No Need for Serialized QR Codes: With versatility built into the mobile experience, only three QR codes were required — one for each flavor — to run this large-scale promotion.
  • Easily Provide Dynamic, Engaging Experiences: Originally directed to a static site, Blue Bite also leveraged the QR codes themselves. The QR codes were redirected using our platform to activate the IoT gamification experience.

Leveraging Blue Bite’s easy-to-use platform, Intersnack created a mobile experience with an engaging gamification element to drive more sales.


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