Vita Coco

Vita Coco

Vita Coco transformed in-store displays and physical packaging into a digital platform that delivers better experiences to consumers and first-party data to the brand.

When Vita Coco partnered with Blue Bite to transform their physical products and in-store promotional materials into a digital platform, the leading coconut water brand:

  • Created a brand-controlled point-of-sale purchase incentive and additional brand information by leveraging a QR code that launched a personalized mobile experience.
  • Provided a 1:1 data collection and communication channel that eliminated the need for custom market research because of the ability to directly ask consumers about interest in new flavors.
  • Innovated traditional money back guarantee and coupon programs as a way to drive additional sales and consumer engagement.

Vita Coco has continuously updated its connected products campaigns with Blue Bite to bring consumers new trial offers that allow them to run risk free trials, build awareness of new items and gather first-party data, all powered by Blue Bite personalized mobile experiences. Here’s just one way they do it.







Connecting Before the Sale

Vita Coco added a QR code to highly visible in-store displays to promote a new product line. Rather than simply redirecting to a static website, scanning the QR code launched a dynamic Blue Bite-powered experience that used a money back guarantee as an invitation for consumers to connect with the brand. This is all done before the sale, driving awareness of new flavors and influencing a purchase.

Connecting After the Sale

Vita Coco also installed a QR code on the packaging of the products sold in the store. Working with Blue Bite, they created a series of experiences to connect with consumers beyond the in-store relationship. 

Post-sale, consumers see a different digital experience than they did in-store. This experience starts with the ability to trade-up to a trial offer on another flavor, driving repeat purchases and making good on the guarantee promised by the in-store displays. The personalized mobile experience thens opens up to provide additional content and information about Vita Coco— with the goal of establishing a long-term relationship between brand and consumer.

How Vita Coco Gathered First-Party Data

Using Blue Bite, Vita Coco receives real-time data both before and after the sale that empowers them with information/data on

  • How many consumers are activating the experience
  • How many make additional purchases
  • How many choose a different product
  • How many receive a coupon

The brand is not only providing a brand new kind of consumer experience by transforming physical things into a digital platform, they are opening a 1:1 data collection channel that eliminates the need for custom market research with the ability to ask consumers about their interest in potential new flavors.

Given the strong results of its initial program, Vita Coco expanded their Blue Bite partnership to offer more consumer engagement experiences. Through this, the brand can provide even more value to consumers directly through products and, concurrently, better understand how products are being used by consumers.


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