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Vita Coco

Vita Coco innovated the money back guarantee, transforming it from a traditional incentive to try a product into a dynamic digital gateway providing consumers with added value long after the initial trial purchase.

This new kind of experience thrills consumers at every step of the product journey, beginning before purchase and establishing a long-lasting consumer relationship that far outperforms a traditional guarantee.







Connecting Before the Sale

Vita Coco used the money back guarantee as an invitation for consumers to connect with the brand before the sale, driving awareness of new flavors and influencing a purchase. 

The brand did this by adding a custom branded QR code to highly visible in-store displays that were part of the “We dare you not to love it” guarantee messaging promoting the new Vita Coco Pressed product line. This playful incentive encouraged engagement directly in the store as consumers launched the Blue Bite-powered digital experience on their phone by scanning the QR code.

Because the guarantee was accessed through a dynamic digital experience, the brand established a new kind of communication channel directly with the consumer — a channel that doesn’t get lost in the noise of other digital avenues like social media and email.

More Than a Traditional Money Back Guarantee

Because the money back guarantee is housed in a custom Vita Coco digital experience, the brand is able to offer additional options to consumers.

For example, the shopper is prompted in the mobile experience to trade-up to a trial offer on another flavor. This provides an alternate journey for the consumer — rather than simply providing money back, this drives repeat purchases. 

The dynamic experience drives additional purchase opportunities by offering an exclusive coupon to try out a different flavor or product line beyond the initial purchase. 

Connecting Beyond the Sale

In addition to driving sales, the experience also collects consumer feedback on the new product lines.

“We think Vita Coco Pressed is impossible to hate,” states the experience, and the consumer can tap to agree or disagree. 

This functionality not only takes the experience beyond the guarantee, but also begins to surprise and delight consumers by giving them additional engagement options beyond the traditional incentive and gives Vita Coco more insights into their customers.

Creating Lifelong Customers (and Lifelong Data)

Not only does the experience incentivize additional purchases immediately, it also lets consumers know that they can engage with the brand in a new and ongoing way.

Because of this engagement, Vita Coco receives real-time data to let them know how many consumers are activating the experience, how many make additional purchases, how many choose a different product, how many receive a coupon and how many agreed with the survey question that Vita Coco Pressed is “impossible to hate.”

Looking toward the future, upcoming projects can expand on this consumer engagement and data opportunity to offer more value to consumers directly through products and, concurrently, better understand how products are being used by consumers.


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