Elevate Your Marketing With Blue Bite Gamification

Get more consumer insight than ever before with gamification. Here’s how.

September 25, 2023

Gamification is a powerful and fun way to elevate your marketing.

Statistics show that gamification in various environments increases engagement — and this extends to marketing.

With connected products, gamification can start right on your packaging and bridge the online and offline user experience.

How Gamification Empowers Brands

Here are just some of the ways Blue Bite Gamification empowers the most innovative brands to the user experience, resulting in higher engagement and increased sales. 

Excite Consumers With New Products

Introduce new products to market and gather customer feedback in real-time like Intersnack did when they were rolling out new chip flavors.

Intersnack was empowered with Blue Bite Gamification to encourage consumers to try all new flavors:

  • Consumers scanned the QR code on chip packaging, launching the Experience.
  • Each new bag would earn a “level.”
  • Consumers could enter to win a year’s supply of their favorite chips after tapping all three flavors.

Intersnack promoted multiple products at the point of sale, and consumers were incentivized to try all new flavors.

Incentivize With Exclusive Access

Offer access to rare or exclusive products like Kilchoman Distillery did, resulting in double the consumer engagement rate.

With an NFC tag on the back of the label under a mirror of the brand’s logo, users tapped their phones to launch an Experience that would tell the full story of the exact batch of whiskey from the bottle they held in their hands.

It also excited consumers with the opportunity to win special or rare bottles of Kilchoman products — with a 100% increase in tap activity during competitions.

Many consumers also tapped more than once, revealing increased engagement and empowering brands with more powerful data on user behaviors and how to tailor their experiences more effectively.

Engage With Contests

Facilitate contests and an easy-to-use dashboard that makes the customer experience seamless and automated, like streetwear brand Jeff Staple did to celebrate his 20th year in business.

Staple led fans on an interactive scavenger hunt in 20 locations across New York, City, touching on the legacy of street culture and sharing his brand story.

Fans could purchase a keychain modeled after the brand’s iconic pigeon, powered by Blue Bite with an embedded NFC tag. At each location, fans would unlock content as Staple told the story of himself and his brand — giving an exclusive behind-the-scenes.

Those who completed the experience and visited all 19 locations would get a tour of the Staple office (the 20th location). They also would receive a pair of limited edition Nike SB Pigeon Dunk sneakers, a modern remake of the original design that put Staple on the map.

This experience resulted in nearly 3,000 interactions, 400 unique users and 20 grand prize winners — and gives Staple a 1:1 direct communication channel with fans.

Bridge the Online and Offline User Experience With Blue Bite Gamification

Gamification seamlessly keeps consumers engaged — whether they’re physically holding your product, on their phone or simply going about their day-to-day.

Brands are empowered with gamification and connected products platforms like those powered by Blue Bite to incentivize customers to interact with new products, exclusive access and contests.

With Blue Bite, gamifying products is easy, engaging and provides more consumer insight than ever before.


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