Top Smart Products of 2019

Top Smart Products of 2019

Check out some of the coolest smart products available today to see how innovative brands are transforming physical products into digital experiences.

February 25, 2020

1 - Hot Wheels id Cars

Live life in the fast lane with Hot Wheels id cars. Embedded with NFC, these cars can be added to your personal garage within the Hot Wheels id app with just a tap of a phone. For the first time, physical cars gain added value through a digital experience.

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TONIC was born out of the necessity to find natural solutions to anxiety and depression. TONIC CBD products are some of the highest quality in the industry, and the packaging comes with an embedded NFC tag that launches an experience instructing users how to dose the product. The experience also provides full lab reports and sourcing to verify the authenticity of the product and its contents.

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3 - Ocean Bottle

Plastic pollution is a huge concern for aquatic life, as well as the life of our planet. Ocean Bottle is here to help with a long term solution; their water bottles are made from upcycled ocean-bound plastics and proceeds fund their ocean cleanup project, with each Ocean Bottle stopping 1,000 plastic water bottles from ending up in the ocean. The water bottles contain an NFC experience that allows owners to register their commitment to the cause, and also provides directions to the closest water filling station to eliminate the need to purchase plastic water bottles.

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4 - adidas Speedfactory AM4MLS

"Feel the heartbeat of Atlanta in these limited-edition running shoes." AM4MLS were designed by Atlanta creators to capture the spirit of the city. Limited to only 900 pairs, each shoe includes an embedded NFC experience that provides owners a certificate of authenticity.

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5 - Parley Tote Bags

Made in collaboration with artists like Doug Aitken, Walton Ford, Jenny Holzer, Pipilotti Rist, Ed Ruscha, Julian Schnabel and Rosemarie Trockel, Parley tote bags are each made from about five intercepted plastic bottles and include an embedded NFC chip in the tag allowing owners to learn more about the Parley cause.

Check out all the original artist design totes here.

6 - PUMA Smartwatch

PUMA’s first smartwatch is a seamless blend of style and sport functionality. Powered by Google Wear OS, owners can set workout goals and track their progress. The watch's NFC functionality also allows owners to pay for products with just a tap.

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7 - Instax Mini LiPlay

image: wired

Taking instant photography to the next level, the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay takes and develops photos right before your eyes. The addition of a QR code allows you to also record an audio recording to accompany the physical print. This merging of physical photos with digital audio recordings is a great way to save moments and share them with friends.

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8 - EndlessID Smart Luggage Tag

If you have ever lost luggage, you know how difficult it can be to get your belongings back. Not anymore. EndlessID is a simple tag you attach to your luggage that allows your items to be identified with just the tap of a phone. You can also be notified with the exact location of your luggage if it is tapped when missing. Peace of mind that your lost luggage can be found has never been more reasonable at less than $17.

Get the EndlessID here.

9 - Ring Indoor Cam

Home security cameras are great, but can be a pain to set up. The Ring Indoor Cam solves this through a simple QR code on the back of the device allowing users to set up the necessary information and easily connect the device to WiFi.

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