5 Ways NFC Makes Products Better

5 Ways NFC Makes Products Better

With traditional products lagging behind the information revolution, brands need a better way to engage customers and build a meaningful long-term relationship. Here we look at why the time is right to take your products and brand to the next level with NFC interactivity.

May 17, 2023

Digitalization is transforming the way we interact with each other and our world. So why aren’t the majority of products keeping pace with technological innovation?

The product-consumer-brand interaction will strengthen with the digitalization of existing goods. In order to bridge this gap, a low cost, durable, non-obtrusive technology is needed. That technology is not some mythical, down-the-line, yet-to-be-created idea. It exists today in Near Field Communication (NFC).

1. NFC enables true Connected Products

NFC enables a true internet of things

NFC opens up a new world of possibilities to connect everyday things to online experiences with just a tap. Due to its simple form factor, low cost, and inherent security, NFC tags can be embedded into nearly anything. Enabling everyday objects with digital interactivity makes a direct connection between brands and consumers a reality at last.

2. NFC adds product value

NFC adds product value

Products enabled with NFC give brands the opportunity to give customers more for their dollar, and help inform how to get the most out of a product. When products help consumers become better versions of themselves everyone wins. The ability to provide digital value from a physical product is a paradigm shift in how products are priced, marketed and consumed.

3. NFC develops meaningful relationships

NFC develops meaningful relationships

Social networks are arguably one of the most significant social innovations of our time. By enabling physical objects to form connections between themselves, a brand and their customers, each product becomes a piece of a larger network effect that fosters a meaningful relationship between all parties involved.

4. NFC authenticates products

NFC authenticates products

More than 50% of consumers believe they have purchased a counterfeit product. By enabling products with NFC, brands have the opportunity to protect their physical assets the same way they would intellectual property with a copyright or trademark. By marking legitimate items as authentic with 128 bit hardware encryption, customers gain peace of mind in their purchases.

5. NFC puts customers first

NFC puts customers first

The better a brand understands their consumers, the better a product offering becomes. With NFC enabled products, brands can engage consumers directly through products to gain new insights into their needs. Those insights can then inform future product decisions to make new products that customers love.

6. NFC Empowers Brands to Inform and Inspire Consumers

As of 2022, the NFC market was valued at $23.1 billion, and that is slated to be worth $87.53 billion by 2032, according to our State of Connected Products report. With Connected Products interactions already up over 700% over the past five years, NFC offers a promising opportunity for brands to establish a direct and valuable two-way relationship with consumers like never before.

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