Tuned Wine

Tuned Wine

How DJ Jordi Ruz gave buyers an exclusive, multi-sensory experience that couples music with a bottle of Tuned Wine.

DJ Jordi Ruz wanted to elevate the wine drinking experience — and with Blue Bite, was empowered to do just that.

Leveraging his extensive DJ talents coupled with Blue Bite Experiences, the popular Spanish DJ and producer creates unique listening sessions that complement each bottle of wine — exclusive to those who purchase the bottle.




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Elevate and Transform Bottles Into an Experience

Using an NFC sticker tag, Ruz transforms bottles into a dynamic tasting and listening experience. Each bottle of wine is paired with a unique, experimental and exclusive way to enjoy wine at home.

After a purchase, a tap of the NFC sticker powered by Blue Bite launches a listening session and a host of other exclusive content.

Create a Multisensory Adventure From Anywhere

Tuned Wine goes above and beyond giving consumers a unique flavor profile in each variety of wine. With a simple tap of the NFC-enabled sticker, consumers are transported to Ruz’s world, where music and wine come together — immersing consumers into a multisensory, immersive experience.

“I choose the music that I think fits with the personality of the wine”
DJ Jordi Ruz

For example, Tuned Wine’s Cabernet Sauvignon wine is paired with Ruz’s “Tears of Joy” session.

Personalize Each Product and Provide Relevant Content

The nature of the digital Experience empowers Ruz to go above and beyond the limits of a static printed label.

With the NFC sticker, Ruz is empowered to:

  • Create new sessions for each wine
  • Easily change and update the experience at any time
  • Add new or different sessions for consumers
  • Update sessions and other content to remain relevant

It’s continuous connectivity that keeps consumers engaged long after they finish the bottle. And, because Blue Bite Experiences are contextual based on location, language, time of day and more, consumers can see where they can buy the wine closest nearby — providing relevant content that appeals to each individual user.

Excite with Exclusive, Value-Added Content and Drive Sales

Not only does Ruz offer unique sessions that pair sound and taste for a dynamic tasing experience, he's also empowered to drive sales through promoting new wine varieties and showing consumers where they can buy product.

Tuned Wine also offers value-added content that’s helpful and relevant to consumers, including:

  • Winery information and locations
  • Where consumers can find the wine at cafes and restaurants
  • Each bottle becomes a point of sale, where consumers can directly buy more product
  • Release dates, information on upcoming products and more

Powered by Blue Bite, sound, taste and technology all come together to excite consumers with a multisensory experience unlike any other.


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