Tuned Wine

Tuned Wine

When DJ Jordi Ruz launched Tuned Wines, he didn’t just offer great wine, he offered a new kind of wine experience. Utilizing his extensive DJ talents, he creates a special listening session to complement each wine; and it’s only available to those that have purchased the wine.




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Transforming a Bottle

Ruz used an NFC sticker tag to digitalize his physical Tuned Wine bottles. When consumers tap the sticker, they launch a Blue Bite-powered experience on their phones to access exclusive digital content not available to anyone else.

Complementing the Wine

The star of the show is the music session curated by Ruz to perfectly complement each wine variety. The session creates an experiential way to enjoy the wine right at home. And no one else has access to these exclusive sessions.

“I choose the music that I think fits with the personality of the wine”
DJ Jordi Ruz

For example, Ruz, a popular Spanish DJ and producer, paired his Cabernet Sauvignon wine with a session he calls “Tears of Joy.” Once consumers make a simple tap of the NFC-enabled sticker, they are transported into the world Ruz has created for them as they enjoy a glass of Tuned Wine.

Different Moods for Different Wine

The Blue Bite digital experience gives Ruz the flexibility to to easily create new sessions for each wine he releases. He can even change the experience to offer new or different sessions to consumers. It’s a way to keep consumers engaged and stay connected far beyond the glass of wine they are enjoying.

More than Just the Music

And that connection goes beyond the music. Ruz has also loaded the experience with additional information, including winery information and locations where consumers can find the wine at restaurants and cafes. Because Blue Bite is contextual based on the location of a mobile device, the experience can reveal the establishment nearest to the consumer that carries the wine — creating a personalized consumer experience. 

Consumers can even use the experience to buy more of the wine online through product commerce, with the wine bottle itself transforming into a direct sales channel.

Finally, the flexibility to change the experience doesn’t just apply to the music session. Because Ruz will be releasing new wines in the future, he can utilize the experience to announce information like release dates, where to buy and more. This creates a great consumer experience that also keeps Ruz directly connected with his biggest fans.


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