“Your Love is Authentic.” 

PINKO, the Italian women’s luxury fashion brand, partnered with Blue Bite to enhance security of the authentication solution for their iconic Love Bags collection. The brand embedded an NFC tag directly into each bag; when consumers scan this tag with their phone, they launch a product authentication digital experience that confirms authenticity of the bag. When “Your Love is Authentic” appears on their phone screen, consumers gain the peace of mind of knowing their bag is authentic.






A Bag, An Icon

Created in 2016, the PINKO Love bag is now an instantly recognizable icon bag. But as its profile has grown, so has the market for counterfeiters — which can dilute the status of the bag. PINKO turned to Blue Bite to help make sure that didn’t happen.

Deterring Counterfeiters

Every Love Bag includes an NFC tag embedded in the back of the bag, just inside embroidery depicting two love birds — the iconic symbol of the bag also represented by the buckle on the front. Because the chip is embedded in the bag during the manufacturing process, it cannot be removed or altered.

Protecting Consumers; Protecting the Brand

The experience confirms the product is authentic, whether the purchase is made in a PINKO brand store, a retail store, online or even on the secondhand market.

PINKO describes the Love Bag as a “declaration of love for everything beautiful, indispensable and everything that sets you apart.” Consumers should be able to fully focus on what their bag represents with no worry of whether it is authentic. As the brand puts it: “Enjoy the authentic love experience.”


Start protecting your brand and consumers

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