11 Great Examples of Smart Packaging

Learn what smart packaging is and see examples of how brands use it to better connect to consumers.

September 25, 2023

“Think of Tiffany & Co. For most people, the iconic robin's-egg blue box is more recognizable than the jewelry itself.” Inc. magazine gets it right when illustrating that product packaging is as important as the product itself.

Originally purely functional, packaging has evolved to serve a variety of additional functions, including branding like the iconic Tiffany box color. Smart packaging continues that evolution.

Smart Packaging Today

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Below, see examples of how the world's most innovative brands are implementing smart packaging today.

11 Examples of Smart Packaging

Purchase and Restock


With reordering made as simple as scanning product packaging with a phone and tapping a “Buy” button, creating repeat and complementary sales — and therefore adding to lifetime value — is now frictionless.

Brand Protection

Italian olive oil brands use NFC to battle counterfeits and engage consumers

“Italian olive oil brands Buonamici, La Ranocchiaia, SPO and Il Cavallino are integrating NFC tags into their product lines to enable authentication and enhance consumer engagement, by delivering product information and other relevant content to customers’ smartphones,” writes NFC World.


eBay Authenticity Guarantee

“eBay is now offering proof of authentication (in the form of an NFC-enabled tag) for select footwear in partnership with Sneaker Con as its third-party authenticator," reports Sneaker News, "adding a key level of security to the buying process and added ease to the selling process at the hands of a true authority in sneaker authentication.”

Personalized Content


The “Personalized Prescription,” in this case, details the benefits of the very product the consumer holds in their hand. If they are in a store or salon and haven’t made a purchase yet, it provides additional information that may influence that purchase decision. If they’ve already purchased the product, the experience showcases product instructions and more.

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Tuned Wines

When DJ Jordi Ruz launched Tuned Wines, he didn’t just offer great wine, he offered a new kind of wine experience. Utilizing his extensive DJ talents, he creates a special listening session to complement each wine; and it’s only available to those that have purchased the wine.

See our Tuned Wines case study for even more.

Exclusive Content 

Pepsi Super Bowl LV 2021 Cans 

"As part of the promotion for Pepsi's 10th year as the sponsor of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the brand unveiled a special website, PepsiHalftime.com, with behind-the-scenes videos and an augmented reality (AR) experience on Instagram," reports Marketing Dive. "QR codes on the website and specially marked cans of Pepsi can be scanned with a smartphone camera to see an AR selfie lens in the photo-sharing app."

Lady Gaga “Chromatica” Oreos

“Differing from past Oreo releases is a digital singing component," writes Delish. "Sing It With Oreo encourages fans to send uplifting 'OREOgrams' to loved ones for the chance to win a special experience from Lady Gaga. From December 15, 2020 to April 30, 2021, fans can scan specially marked QR codes to record their very-own OREOgram.”

Product Registration 

Ocean Bottle 

A look at early adopters shows an astounding 68% registration rate for users that have activated the Blue Bite digital experience. Incentivizing product registration, along with the practical application of the 'Reefill' maps and credits, connects Ocean Bottle directly to users. This creates a new channel to continuously update users on how they can stay involved for years to come.

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Coupons & Incentives 

Vita Coco Money Back Guarantee

Vita Coco added a custom branded QR code to highly visible in-store displays that were part of the “We dare you not to love it” guarantee messaging promoting the new Vita Coco Pressed product line. This playful incentive encouraged engagement directly in the store as consumers launched the Blue Bite-powered digital experience on their phone by scanning the QR code.

Get all the Vita Coco details.


Mezcla Vegan Bars

Mezcla’s vegan, plant protein bars feature a QR code in the center of their packaging. Simply scan it to view a collection of submitted artwork from people around the world. Consumers can also submit their own artwork for a chance to be featured on the brand’s packaging.

Stacy’s Pita Chips QR Code Bags

Stacy's launched its newest packaging innovation featuring a QR code that, once scanned with a mobile phone, will direct consumers to nearby female-founded businesses – making it easier than ever to support female entrepreneurs.


Funny-Frisch Potato Chips

When consumers scan the QR codes on Funny-Frisch’s potato packaging, they activate a mobile experience designed to engage them and encourage additional purchases. For each new bag that’s tapped, users earn a new level. Once all three new chip flavors have been tapped, consumers can enter to win a year's supply of their favorite chips.

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POC Ventral Air Spin NFC 

“A modern helmet has to accomplish a lot more than helmets from just a few years ago," reports VeloNews. "Poc's Ventral Air Spin NFC does exactly that, with incredible venting, a unique look that belies clever aerodynamic design, and an embedded chip that provides your vital info to medical professionals or bystanders should you crash. It's an impressive helmet in a crowded field of impressive helmets.”

Product Journey

Princes turns to QR codes and blockchain for sustainability storytelling

“The codes, which are being introduced to tinned tomatoes sold in the UK this month, will enable users to access a dedicated webpage walking them through the journey of the product through the supply chain, from farm to supermarket,” writes Edie.


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