The Complete Guide to Smart Packaging

Transforming traditional packaging into a digital platform

Originally purely functional, packaging has evolved to serve a variety of additional functions, including branding.

Smart packaging pushes that evolution forward in a big way.

What is Smart Packaging?

Smart packaging is packaging that incorporates technology to move far beyond the original functional uses of packaging, which were to contain, protect and preserve products.

The Two Categories of Smart Packaging

“Smart packaging allows [us] to track and trace a product throughout its lifecycle and to analyze and control the environment inside or outside the package to inform its manufacturer, retailer or consumer on the product’s condition at any given time,” according to a recent report on Smart Packaging.

Active Packaging

The packaging itself improves the product. For example, food packaging made of materials that reduce the amount of moisture that reaches the food.

    Intelligent Packaging

    Packaging capable of intelligent functions, sensing that the product or the packaging itself has changed in some way.

      Connected Packaging

      Connected packaging is a subset of intelligent packaging that integrates connecting technologies like NFC tags and QR codes directly into packaging. Users interact directly with these technologies, using phones to launch dynamic, digital experiences that serve as a digital extension of the physical packaging — no app required.

      Before Purchase

      • Convey product information for prospective buyers in the store

      • Verify a product is not counterfeit through authentication services

      • Confirm the product has not been opened or otherwise tampered with

      After Purchase

      • Provide exclusive content with purchase

      • Offer incentives for product registration

      • Provide assembly and care instructions

      • Recommend new and related products

      Industries that Benefit from Smart Packaging

      For CPG Brands

      Brands that aren’t leveraging smart packaging are missing out on consumer relationships and leaving extra money on the table.

      • Provide an interactive experience on traditional packaging

      • Create a long-term relationship with consumers

      • Offer purchase and registration incentives

      For Copackers

      Contract Packers, or Copackers, can use smart packaging as one of the value-adds that turns them into innovative leaders.

      • Get ahead of the competition and drive innovation

      • Attract new clients with new use-cases

      • Upsell smart packaging to existing clients

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