Not All QR Codes Are Created Equal: Innovative Uses for QR in the CPG Industry

Linking your QR Code to a static webpage is yesterday's marketing. And it's not effective.

October 21, 2022

While once used to link consumers to boring, static landing pages, QR code uses have greatly evolved. This change was fast-tracked with the demand for a contactless economy in recent years.

The options for brands to connect with consumers are near-limitless with QR codes — especially when linked with a connected products platform like those powered by Blue Bite.

Gone are the days of brands being limited by the confines of physical space on packaging, products and other marketing materials. And gone are the days of dull connectivity that linked to a static page.

Engaging experiences for the CPG industry, personalized at scale, are now here.

Benefits of QR Codes

There are many benefits of using QR codes in the CPG industry.

  • Easy connectivity: An overwhelming majority of consumers own a smartphone. QR codes make it easy for brands and consumers to connect directly with a simple scan using their phone.
  • Go beyond the limitations of physical space: Whether it’s in marketing materials or on product packaging, QR codes empower brands to go above and beyond the confines of physical space to share information and engage with consumers.
  • Dynamic, personalized mobile experiences that excite customers: Using a connected products platform, brands can engage consumers with value-added content, add gamification, make each product a point of sale and more.

Innovative QR Code Uses in the CPG Industry

Here’s a look at a few of the many ways CPG brands are empowered to connect with consumers using QR codes.

Sell more when each scan becomes a point of sale: Whether it’s a scan from a QR code on a marketing billboard or on a product a consumer already owns, each scan becomes a point of sale personalized through data like the consumer’s previous actions, first- and zero-party data they’ve provided, and more.

Introduce incentivization and gamification: Brands can incentivize consumers after a scan through actions like entering their email to receive a coupon. CPG brands can also incentivize consumers to collect all versions (flavors, colors, etc.) of a product for a chance to win larger prizes or other products and experiences.

Add exclusive and valuable content: Brands can offer consumers the chance to access exclusive and value-added content. A hot sauce company, for example, could offer consumers a recipe for hot honey chicken if consumers scan the QR code.

And that’s just the beginning. With QR codes, there are near-limitless opportunities for CPG brands to connect with consumers using dynamic, digital experiences.

Whether it’s showing consumers where they can fill their reusable water bottles or giving consumers a personalized hair care routine based on their information, brands can set themselves aside from the competition and create a lasting relationship with consumers. 


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