Marketing in the Next Normal

Learn how Blue Bite empowers innovative brands to reimagine marketing in the next normal.

September 25, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered a sea change in a wide variety of consumer behaviors. Marketers now are responding as it becomes clearer which changes will pass and which will be sticking around. 

A recent McKinsey report illustrates a few interesting things we know now.

The Digital Migration is Here

“Consumers vaulted five years in the adoption of digital in just eight weeks,” the report said; many consumers tried areas like digital payments for the first time. 

What we’re seeing is digitalization rapidly accelerating its previous growth trends from before the pandemic, and it’s not likely to go back. 

“This shift is likely to stick, to a large extent simply because ecommerce is often more efficient, less expensive, and safer for customers than shopping in physical stores,” reports McKinsey. “Moreover, as social distancing and protective measures remain the norm, shopping from our couches will seem even more convenient by comparison.”

Marketers obviously need to respond by creating new ecommerce and other digital opportunities, as well as improving existing ones. But simply creating the channels is not enough; consumers now expect more out of digital. 

Personalized Digital Marketing is Key

“Managing this hyperlocal activity and engagement will require marketers to rewire their operating model to provide a more granular presence at scale,” says the report. 

“This approach will need to build on many of the capabilities developed around personalization (particularly analytics, trigger-based messaging, and agile test-and-learn approaches).”

Fortunately, all of these capabilities are already built into Blue Bite-powered digital experiences.

How Blue Bite Reimagines Marketing in the Next Normal

Personalization at scale can be a scary thing for marketers, as it can be a particularly resource-heavy component of going digital first. But the contextual nature of Blue Bite experiences inherently customized them based on product-, location-, user-, consumer behavior-specific logic.

Consumers launch Blue Bite digital experiences by interacting with connecting technologies like QR and NFC installed on physical things, and the resulting experiences they see are customized by the contextual logic above.

Personalized by Product

For example, brands can feature multiple products in the same experience by managing them within the Blue Bite Dashboard. Consumers then see information related to the specific item they scan, while brands simply manage one experience. See how adidas does this with different versions of their Campus 80s MakerLab sneakers.

Personalized by Location

Blue Bite uses device location information to customize experiences by location. See how Ocean Bottle uses this logic to give consumers a map and directions to the water refill station nearest them. 

Personalized by the Consumer’s Place in the Product Journey

Blue Bite experiences also provide different information to consumers depending on where they are in the product journey. For example, BVLGARI created an experience for consumers considering purchasing their luxury handbags that provides more information to help them make an informed purchase decision. After the purchase, that experience changes to unlock exclusive content only available to bag owners. 

Blue Bite empowers custom, personalized marketing at scale for brands in ways that consumers expect now more than ever.


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