Going Digital First with Physical Things

How brands can shift to a digital first mindset, and how Blue Bite helps.

September 25, 2023

The importance of digital in today’s business ecosystem is now understood by most brands. Still, making digital first thinking the default setting requires a sea change in mindset that hasn’t been adopted by all just yet.

Part of the difficulty is that digital first means different things in different industries. Digital first in media, for example, is a very different thing to tackle than digital first in SaaS tech.

Here we’ll look at what digital first is generally, as well as how Blue Bite helps brands across industries get into a digital first mindset by digitalizing physical things.

What is Digital First?

Digital first doesn’t mean digital-only.

“Instead of starting with channels, mediums, and devices, digital first is a methodology—a new way of thinking and working,” explains NTEN. “Digital first acknowledges that the digital landscape, and your audiences’ expectations, will always be changing.”

Wilson Fletcher says more about how brands get there: “Simply put, digital-first means approaching any new opportunity, or problem, with the assumption that the solution should be as digital as possible.”

Digital First Mindset for Physical Things

Brands often come to Blue Bite already taking advantage of many digital aspects of the business ecosystem — digital marketing, for example — but are not sure how to take the next digital step with their physical products.

Digitalizing those products — transforming physical things into digital platforms — is an important way to shift to digital first thinking for physical things.

How Blue Bite Empowers Digital First for Physical Things

Blue Bite powers the dynamic digital experiences that are attached to physical things via a connecting technology such as NFC or QR codes. When a user scans these technologies with their phones, they activate the digital experience and provide brands the opportunity to connect with consumers directly through physical products.

When physical products are digitalized, it becomes easy for brands to always carry a digital first mindset in all aspects of their business. Here are just a few ways:

  • Digital Brand Building
    Building a successful brand is harder than ever, but taking a digital first approach is crucial to success today. Digitalizing your physical products makes this easier.
  • Digital Content Strategy
    When your products become digital platforms, you open a new kind of direct and two-way communication channel with consumers.
  • Improve Consumer Experience
    Thinking digital first improves the way you serve consumers by extending the value chain beyond what’s previously been possible.
  • Omnichannel Retail Strategy
    A crucial component of digital first thinking is embracing an omnichannel approach. Bridging the physical and digital is more important than ever.
  • Product Authentication
    Consumers can now verify the authenticity of physical products with digital experiences.

How Will Your Brand Go Digital First?

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