How Smart Products and Packaging Can Promote Positive Consumer Habits

Innovative smart products and packaging can change consumer habits.

September 25, 2023

Package design is crucial to connecting with consumers and selling products. Studies continue to reinforce this notion, though we’re still learning how complex these effects on consumer perception are. 

In an example exploring food packaging, a report in Science Direct illustrates how packaging goes far beyond simply the visual on a store shelf.

“[T]he function of packaging design is not only to attract consumers attention, but also to convey expectations of how that food product will be sensory perceived,” the report says.

Connected products and packaging offer brands not only additional ways to differentiate their products on store shelves, but also to positively impact consumers after the sale. 

How Blue Bite Helps CPG Brands Help Consumers

Blue Bite powers dynamic digital experiences that consumers launch by scanning a connecting technology — usually QR or NFC — on a product or package with their phone. These experiences serve a wide variety of use cases, from product authentication to promoting sustainability, that include helping consumers develop positive habits.

Use the Internet of Packaging to Promote Positive Daily Habits

Ocean Bottle embeds NFC tags into the bottom of their reusable bottles to launch Blue Bite-powered digital experiences that encourage users to tap to find the nearest water refill station so they can easily fill their bottle — rehydrating while avoiding single-use plastic bottles. 

Brands can use similar functionality to remind consumers to visit those same refill stations to ensure they drink a certain amount of water every day and stay hydrated. As with all habit building, the key is to make the process of forming the habit as simple as possible. In this case, this means seamless mobile reminders and simple, location-based maps to the nearest refill station.

Enable Product Commerce on Healthy Items for One-Step Repurchase 

Sometimes our habits fail simply because our healthy products run out and we don’t have more on hand. Like the hydration reminder example, additional reminders can be sent by the Blue Bite experience at certain intervals as repurchase reminders for products like healthy snacks, vitamins, juices and much more.

Consumers can then purchase products directly from brands whenever needed — even if the original product was purchased from a retailer.

Get Consumers Involved in Sustainability Initiatives

Brands often use Blue Bite-powered experiences as one of their tools to transparently inform consumers about sustainability initiatives. But Blue Bite gives them the power to go even further and get those consumers involved.

For example, because Blue Bite experiences are contextual to the product journey, they can be set to display reminders near the end of the product life on how to best recycle, resell or upcycle the product — keeping it out of the landfill.

Use Advanced Tracking to Promote Safe Consumer Retail Habits

COVID-19 gave us new ways to look at product safety and how we communicate that with consumers. Blue Bite can help. 

New hybrid RFID and NFC chips empower far more than RFID supply chain tracking. As just one example, a simple scan of the same tag that tracked the product through the supply chain now lets consumers know the item has been disinfected since it was last tried on, giving consumers peace of mind that their shopping experience is safe.

Since the experience can be programmed to change after the sale, once the consumer takes the item home, they learn more about it — such as care instructions, related products (that they can purchase with one tap) and information on how to resell the item at the end of its lifecycle. 

Smart products and packaging that launch Blue Bite experiences bring consumers not only a better experience, but a safer one, too.


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