How Blue Bite Empowers Product Differentiation on Store Shelves

Differentiating brands on crowded store shelves is harder than ever. Here’s how Blue Bite can help.

September 25, 2023

“The number of products is continually expanding while shelf space shrinks,” Forbes reports on the state of in-store retail today. 

Finding ways to make products stand out on store shelves is harder today than ever; brands need novel ways to differentiate products that go beyond packaging design and shelf position. 

Innovative brands are using smart packaging to incentivize consumers to notice and interact with products in-store before the purchase.

Imagine it from your customer’s eyes: 

On a shelf of uniformity, your product stands out because of a CTA design offering incentives like an immediately usable discount in exchange for a simple QR code scan.

The scan launches a digital experience that presents that coupon, along with a 10 second video demonstrating exactly why the product is better than the others on the shelf. This is a powerful way for brands to use incentives and storytelling to not only stand out, but also drive purchases.

Blue Bite powers these stories.

How Blue Bite Differentiates Products on Store Shelves

Catch the Eyes of Consumers

Product and packaging design has been used to attract attention to products since it was developed; attaching digital experiences to products and packaging takes this to the next level.

The digital experiences are attached via connecting technologies like NFC and QR that are incorporated into design as call-to-actions incentivizing interactions.

Inform Purchase Decisions

Blue Bite-powered experiences go beyond just attracting attention on shelves, they help buyers make informed purchase decisions by telling the product story. 

For example, a gin brand uses a pre-sale digital experience to provide drink recipes to consumers. This list of ingredients allows the consumer to, while still at the store, pick up everything needed to make a great cocktail at home, thus improving their brand experience both in-store and once they are at home.

Keep Connected

Because Blue Bite-powered digital experiences are contextual, your brand serves a different experience to consumers before purchase than they will see after the purchase.

Going back to the gin example, the experience can be programmed to recognize that the same device has tapped twice — indicating a purchase — and unlock a new experience with additional, exclusive content.

In addition to recalling the drink recipe, the post-purchase experience also offers additional information like brand story and recycling information to help get consumers involved in the brand’s sustainability goals once the bottle is empty.

Additionally, the post-purchase experience serves as a new direct sales channel. Even though the gin was bought at a retail store, consumers can be prompted to reorder — and order other products from the brand — with a simple tap within the experience.

From influencing purchases to driving new sales, Blue Bite helps your brand differentiate itself from the rest.


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