A Year of Digital Experiences: Exciting Blue Bite Projects in 2021

Blue Bite empowers innovative brands to connect better with consumers. Here's some of the ways we did that in 2021.

September 25, 2023

In 2021, digital connections remained important for brands and consumers alike. In 2020, quick response (QR) codes reemerged in restaurant menus, and near field communication (NFC) technology became more popular as tap-to-pay grew more widespread as consumers demanded a contactless economy. These smart technologies were implemented in further applications across marketing, product packaging and more, empowering brands to connect with consumers with personalized mobile experiences.

Whether it’s an NFC tag on a pair of sneakers or a QR tag on clothing, Blue Bite powers Digital Experiences that empower brands to track their sustainability efforts, appeal to consumers and be a step ahead in our quickly evolving digital world.

Here’s a look at some of the innovative projects Blue Bite powered in 2021.

1. eBay Sneaker Authentication Program

eBay wanted to give buyers and sellers alike the confidence that high-end items they purchase on the site are authentic. In conjunction with Sneaker Con and Blue Bite, eBay did just that. 

After a consumer purchases a product with an Authenticity Guarantee badge on eBay, it undergoes rigorous third-party authentication and is verified as the real deal. The product is then given an NFC tag and shipped to the buyer. Once the buyer receives the product, they can tap the NFC tag and see that the product was guaranteed as authentic with a personalized Blue Bite-powered Experience.

The Authenticity Guarantee program was initially launched for sneakers and has since expanded to include purses and watches.

2. Pablo Erroz and Sustainability Transparency

After moving away from “seasons” and creating sustainable styles that were made to instead last for years, designer Pablo Erroz wanted a way to further connect with consumers and help them play their role in the circular economy.

Erroz partnered with Blue Bite to add NFC tags to clothing garments. When tapped, a Blue Bite-powered personalized mobile experience is launched, showing consumers a digital version of the specific garment.

The dynamic experience shows the product’s personalized sustainability story, including material sourcing and local artisan manufacturing. It also educates consumers on how they can upcycle, recycle or resell the garment to keep it in the circular economy.

3. Woolmark Prize for Sustainability Transparency

The International Woolmark Prize awards emerging designers who “showcase the beauty and versatility of Australian Merino wool.” This year’s theme of “Less is More” focused on “sustainability, supply chains and future-proof designs.”

Blue Bite partnered with participants — including winner Matty Bovan — to ensure their product transparency with a sustainability roadmap and a product journey that can be shared with customers. This empowers emerging designers to be leaders in the circular economy as they grow their brands.

4. Tracking Garment Life Cycles: Nada Debajo

A brand focused on versatile, timeless clothes made to last, Nada Debajo aims to help reduce over-consumption and keep products in use. Nada Debajo offers a repair service to help the organic, plant fiber-made garments last as long as possible.

In a move to help consumers and the brand alike keep track of each garment’s life, each article of clothing comes with a digital birth certificate powered by Blue Bite. The digital birth certificate includes personalized information on each garment, including how old it is, how long it’s been used, the material’s composition and the number of owners the garment has had.

5. Ocean Bottle x Red Bull Racing: Lessening Plastic Waste

Every Ocean Bottle is created with an NFC chip that launches an immersive Blue Bite Experience. Upon tapping the chip, consumers can find partner “Refill” locations and earn rewards each time they refill their Ocean Bottle.

In a move to further its impact, Ocean Bottle partnered with Red Bull Racing. Ocean Bottle announced it would “supply the [Red Bull Racing Honda] team and its guests with fully recyclable reusable water bottles made from recycled materials.” The brand also committed to collecting 1,000 bottles worth of plastic.

6. Devil’s Corner: Lost Shipment Promotion Powered by NFC Technology

Australian winery Devil’s Corner launched a Lost Shipment promotion, where consumers had a chance to win an “ultimate Tasmanian experience at Pumphouse Point” and other prizes from partners including Blundstone and Henty.

From March to May, consumers could tap NFC tags embedded into select wine bottles — including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Sparkling Cuvee. A Blue Bite Experience would launch on their phones, and consumers could easily enter for a chance to win the prizes.

In 2021, Blue Bite powered Digital Experiences that empowered brands to:

  • Share supply chain and sustainability information with consumers.
  • Teach consumers unique and helpful information, including how to use products.
  • Connect with suppliers, manufacturers, and all those involved in a product’s life and push for everyone to play their role in the circular economy.
  • And much more.

We can’t wait for another year of projects as we continue empowering brands with connected products platforms and Experiences to connect with consumers and be key players in the circular economy.


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