Tatcha worked with Blue Bite to create a better consumer experience that delivers more relevant information depending on their point in the customer journey. Tatcha uses enhanced geolocation content and multiple QR code touchpoints on products to create related but distinct app-like mobile Experiences — all with no app required.

The Results

  • 31%: Total overall in-Experience engagement
  • 39.5%: Reorder link clicks as a percentage of overall engagement

Compare that to average engagement of other content channels:

  • Email: 2.62%
  • Instagram: 0.28%




Health and Beauty



How Blue Bite Delivered Value to Tatcha and Consumers

Separate In-Store and In-Home Experiences

Tatcha is able to easily manage and deliver separate Experiences to create a seamless and engaging consumer experience across the buyer’s journey, from pre-purchase to post-sale.

More Relevant Experience with Geolocation

Blue Bite’s enhanced geolocation ability allows Tatcha to deliver a dynamic mobile experience catered and branded to the specific store the consumer is in.

What’s in the Experience?

The brand uses separate inner and outer package QR codes to direct consumers to different but related Experiences depending on when and where they scan. A QR code on the package, designed for in-store scanning, touts the performance of the product, and also includes an ingredient list and other information to encourage a purchase. 

In-Store Experiences

Tatcha’s dynamic mobile Experiences generally include information designed to inform the consumer about the product they are considering purchasing.

  • Product description and details
  • What it is, who it's for, and what it does
  • Ingredients
  • How to use
  • Brand information, including circularity and sustainability initiatives

In-Home Experiences

A code printed directly on the product — designed for in-home scanning — provided product instructions and reorder options, along with much more.

  • Quick reorder option customized to product
  • Suggested ritual (for how to use)
  • Quick links to buy related products
  • Skincare consultation offer
  • Additional product-specific information as well as other brand information


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