What You Need to Know About QR Code Generators

Today’s innovative brands are leveraging QR codes for continuous connection with their consumers — to inform, inspire and engage in a way that was never before possible.

October 10, 2023

In 2022, 89 million smartphone users in the United States scanned a QR code on their phone — up 26% from 2020, according to Statista.

By 2025, this figure is expected to reach 100 million Americans.

Across the board, Blue Bite’s 2022 Connected Products U.S. Consumer Trend Report found that connected technology usage — including technology like QR and NFC — has risen by more than 1,000% between 2018 and 2021.

Today’s innovative brands are leveraging QR codes for continuous connection with their consumers — to inform, inspire and engage in a way that was never before possible.

Here’s a look at how brands are using QR technology to stay a step ahead of the competition.

How Innovative Brands Are Using QR Technology

Imagine you could go beyond the confines of physical space on a product or package to share everything you want your audience to know.

With QR codes, brands can do just that.

What QR Can Do For Your Brand

Many people became largely familiar with QR codes to do things like launch digital menus amid the demand for a contactless economy in recent years. However, overall QR code use has skyrocketed significantly, and its uses go far beyond launching a restaurant menu.

Many brands are inspired to use QR codes to seamlessly connect with consumers on social media, lead them to landing pages to promote sales, and more.

Innovative brands are going above and beyond, leveraging QR codes to:

  • Share brand and product info beyond what can be physically printed
  • Offer exclusive products, behind-the-scenes access, etc.
  • Incentivize consumers to scan for a coupon or other perks
  • Stay continuously connected with consumers
  • And more

Enabling Products With QR Code Generators

Enabling a product — adding a touchpoint technology like QR — makes it a “connected product.” Brands and consumers are then connected directly through the power of this QR Touchpoint.

While it may sound complex, it’s really quite easy for brands to create QR codes that lead consumers exactly where they want them to go using a QR code generator.

  1. A brand uses a QR code generator to create the code. They input the destination of the code (webpage, social media channel, video link, etc.)
  2. The brand downloads the code.
  3. The brand prints the code to the product (or includes it on a web page or other physical or digital medium), thus “enabling” it.
  4. The consumer scans the QR Code and interacts with the product.

QR code generators make it easy for brands to deliver direct messages to consumers by creating QR codes that lead them exactly where brands want them to go.

The Blue Bite Connect Difference

There is no shortage of QR code generators to choose from. So how do you know which one is right for your brand? Does it make a difference?

Most QR code generators will give you a static QR code. If you want to change the destination of that code — or anything else about it — you often have to create an entirely new code. This can mean re-printing hundreds of codes, completely redoing product packaging and manually going into web pages or other digital locations to edit the codes. What you see with the QR code is what you get.

However, if you want to…

  • Change the destination link even after the code is printed as many times as needed (All codes generated with Blue Bite are “Dynamic QR codes”)
  • Design your QR code to catch consumers’ attention and reflect your brand
  • Engage consumers and acquire first-party data through digital experiences
  • Get real-time analytics on when and where consumers are interacting with your QR codes
  • Go beyond a static webpage and start on a transformative journey to digitalize your products to engage consumers

Blue Bite Connect is a QR Touchpoint Manager that does it all.

Get Empowered With Blue Bite Connect

Create, Customize and Manage Up to 100 Dynamic QR Codes All in One Place

Edit and manage up to 100 QR codes for different products, campaigns or locations all in one place.

Lead consumers exactly where you want them to go, and draw them in with color, shape, and logo customizations. When you’re ready for an update, seamlessly change the destination of the QR Touchpoint — without starting over from scratch.

And the best part? There’s no complicated coding or design skills required. In just a few clicks, you’ll have all the QR Touchpoints you need.

Assign Digital Content

Assign photos, videos, infographics and any other form of digital content you’d want consumers to see with a QR digital Touchpoint.

View Analytics for Physical Items

Measure consumer scan engagement levels and access program insights through real-time analytics and geo-location tracking for your codes

Give Consumers the Information They Need, When They Need It

Deliver the right messaging to consumers at the right time — and tailor it as you learn more about how they interact with them.

Start Connecting Your Products With Ease

Unlike other QR Code Generators, you have complete control of your QR codes with Blue Bite Connect.

Take your brand to the next level and create QR Touchpoints that encourage engagement, boost brand loyalty, differentiate your product and give actionable insights with Blue Bite Connect.


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