Stop Delivering Negative Brand Experiences with Traditional QR Codes

Simply using a QR code to link to a static page misses the opportunity to connect with consumers to drive long-term loyalty and sales.

September 25, 2023

In a world with an overflux of content, QR codes can empower brands to cut through the noise and direct consumers to exactly what they want them to see.

However, if your brand is using QR without a Connected Product Platform and long-term strategy, your connected products are providing a negative consumer experience rather than the engaging and valuable connection that is possible.

Why a Traditional QR Code No Longer Engages Consumers

Many brands simply use a QR code generator to link to their homepage.

This is not an effective way to connect with consumers — and can cost your brand loyalty and sales in the long run.

The Importance of a Long-term Connected Products Strategy

Brands that want to stay ahead of the competition and captivate consumers’ attention need connected products platforms that excite and engage them with dynamic experiences.

Brands need to:

  • Connect with consumers in the most effective way possible
  • Personalize these connections based on the individual product, consumer’s location, time of day, and more
  • Continually evolve experiences and personalize them as consumers interact with connected products to show different information over time.

Blue Bite's connected products platform empowers brands to create the most dynamic, engaging experiences possible that lead to long-term connections with consumers that build lifetime value.

The Downsides of Standard QR Code Generators

Less expensive or free alternative QR code generators may seem like the natural decision for a brand. However, there are several significant downsides:

  • Static web pages do not inform or engage consumers like a dynamic experience does.
  • Each consumer is sent to the exact same page — regardless of product, time of day, personal preference, and other factors.
  • Connections are not as engaging or effective as they could be.
  • Using a generator and relying on separate analytics will not allow you to tailor your experiences and strategy effectively over time.
  • Brands eventually realize they need to alter their approach with a QR code platform that creates more effective experiences.

The bottom line: If your brand is not building a long-term connected products strategy, you’re leaving value on the table.

The Challenges of Moving From a QR Builder to a Connected Products Platform

In time, brands realize they truly do need to invest in a QR code platform.

This poses a few challenges that would not have existed if the brand had started with a connected products platform in the first place:

  • It’s more costly to switch, as brands have to start building their strategy from scratch.
  • Starting over with a new system takes significant time investment.
  • They have lost customers in the time they spent going with an alternative — rather than investing in the best strategy from the start.

Get Empowered With Continuous Engagement That Evolves With Your Brand

QR code platforms powered by Blue Bite go above and beyond traditional QR codes linking to static web pages.

They’re dynamic, engaging experiences that grow with your consumers and your brand.

Blue Bite empowers brands to change Experiences powered by the Connected Products Platform and personalize them over time as consumers connect with them:

Starting with a QR Code Platform Doesn’t Mean Starting from Scratch

While you’re starting a new strategy and approach with a Connected Products Platform, Blue Bite makes it easy to make an impact with QR marketing and use the content you already have — including pictures and video.

Even if you’ve used QR codes that linked to static web pages before, Blue Bite makes it easy to level up your approach to creating effective connections with consumers.


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