How Blue Bite Transforms CPG Products Into Direct Sales Channels

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October 21, 2022

CPG brands were once limited to channels like third-party retailers and social media to try and grow connections with consumers and promote sales.

However, thanks to digital product IDs and connected product platforms, that’s no longer the case. Blue Bite empowers CPG brands to turn every single item into a point of sale — something that was never possible before.

Transform Any CPG Product Into a Point of Sale

What if every bag of chips, bottle of shampoo or box of cereal could be transformed into a point of sale? Your brand no longer has to rely on social media marketing and retailers to sell the products your customers continually buy.

Instead, using the item they already have in their hands — and in their homes — they can order those products they repeatedly need to purchase with a simple scan or tap.

Also known as Product Commerce, Blue Bite empowers brands to do just that by attaching a direct sales touchpoint to the product itself using connecting technologies like QR codes or NFC tags.

With Product Commerce, direct sales have never been easier for CPG brands. Companies are empowered with the tools to build those long-lasting relationships with consumers and make it as simple as possible for them to make repeat purchases with a simple scan.

How Each CPG Item Becomes a New Sales Channel

With Blue Bite, it’s easy to transform each item into a direct sales channel.

Here’s a look at how CPG brands are empowered by enabling each item with a direct point of sale Experience.

  1. CPG brands enable each item with a QR code or NFC tag directly on the product or package.
  2. A consumer scans the tag in the store or at home.
  3. The connected products platform — powered by Blue Bite — launches a direct point of sale, showing the exact product the consumer has in their hands.
  4. The consumer simply selects the quantity of the item they want, adds it to their cart, and makes a purchase.
  5. The cycle continues with continuous, easy connection and repeat sales.

As consumers scan and interact with the Experience, brands gain real-time, item-level data and analytics. They’re empowered with this data to tailor their approach and the Experience shown to consumers for the best possible connection.

Direct, Continuous Connections With Consumers

There are many benefits to CPG brands taking advantage of the ease of Product Commerce:

  • Stronger user experience
  • Better personalized connections
  • Boosted brand loyalty
  • And more

Product Commerce enables each item a consumer scans with an immersive, personalized Experience based on that specific product.

For CPG brands, this means a consumer can purchase the exact flavor of sparkling water, bag of chips, or variety of shampoo they prefer.

Because Blue Bite uses data like user location, time of day, past scan information, consumer preferences, and more, brands are also empowered to create personalized mobile Experiences for each product and consumer.

Brands are empowered to tailor those experiences over time to encourage:

  • Repeat purchases of the same product
  • Cross-brand purchases with different product recommendations
  • Upselling with different brand products

Brands are also empowered to offer coupons and deals personalized to consumers to further promote sales.

Boost Brand Loyalty Through Product Commerce

Especially in the CPG industry, where consumers repeatedly need to buy the items they’re selling, companies know the importance of brand loyalty. Learn more with our article on how connected products build brand loyalty.

Product commerce powered by Blue Bite empowers brands with direct sales touchpoints on each product, with repeat purchases in just a scan.


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