TONIC Launches First-of-a-Kind CBD Authentication Powered by Blue Bite

Explore how TONIC transformed their CBD wellness products into a digital experience that both protects and informs consumers.

December 2, 2019

NEW YORK, December 2, 2019

  • TONIC transforms products into digital experiences featuring CBD authentication
  • Consumers learn exactly what’s in products using these NFC-connected experiences
  • The Blue Bite-powered digital experiences also empower a new kind of storytelling opportunity for the brand 

TONIC, a wellness company producing organically grown, hemp-derived CBD products, has partnered with Blue Bite to add industry-leading authentication technology directly to their products to assure consumers the products are verified, safe and sustainable.

CBD authentication eliminates consumer uncertainty about exactly what is in the products they purchase — and whether those products are safe.

Using their phones, consumers scan NFC tags embedded in TONIC packaging to activate a Blue Bite-powered digital experience, which intelligently pulls in the corresponding third party Certificate of Analysis specific to the product batch. The certificates lists the exact percentage of all cannabinoids found in the product.

TONIC provides additional value by also including additional information, such as the story of how the company’s full seed-to-sale operation creates high quality, sustainable products.

Blue Bite’s powerful platform allows TONIC to build a single digital experience that manages all products — eliminating the need to build new pages when product lines change. For instance, adding their most recent product, Grounded, to the experience simply required updating the database. 

“When you scan, you're going to get the entire experience of TONIC,” said Tia Tagliaferro, COO of TONIC. “You'll see the batch, you'll be able to pull lab reports up directly onto your phone. You'll also be able to see the farm, when your product was planted, when it was harvested. Blue Bite helps us deliver information and directions directly to consumers.” 

TONIC sells direct to consumer online, as well as in physical stores and popups. For the latter, the ability to view the Certificate of Analysis and sourcing information in physical locations before purchase inspires additional product confidence.

The Blue Bite platform also provides TONIC with business-side value, including gray market diversion tracking. Because Blue Bite offers location analytics, TONIC can see if a batch of product ends up in an incorrect location. These same location analytics also empower the brand to see where their products are being used the most, allowing marketing and sales strategies to be adjusted as needed. Finally, Blue Bite functions as an effective marketing tool in an industry where ads and other efforts can be regulated or fall outside of platforms’ ad policies.

Leveraging Blue Bite experiences empowers TONIC to let consumers know exactly what they are purchasing and provides them with an engaging product experience like no other in the CBD industry.

About TONIC (

TONIC’s CBD and botanical blends create a holistic method to help you feel your best and #fixyourvibe. Our CBD is derived from organic, artisanal hemp grown at our own Tricolla Farms in upstate New York. TONIC partners with a different nonprofit organization every month because we believe our mission to bring the most healing to the most people goes beyond CBD.

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Since 2007, Blue Bite has been transforming the way people interact with the world by connecting digital information to physical things. The patented platform empowers creators to build dynamic digital experiences and channel them through physical items using technologies like NFC, QR and geofencing. This helps brands solve some of their most pressing challenges including product authentication, delivering personalized consumer experiences, enabling circularity, storytelling and driving additional sales. Blue Bite has enabled tens of millions of products for leading brands worldwide, including adidas, Samsung, BVLGARI, Google, Ford and many more.