Use the New Marketing Model to Create Better Consumer Experiences

Innovative brands gather zero- and first-party data to create better consumer experiences. Here's how they do it.

December 21, 2021

The new marketing model, coupled with first- and zero-party data, empowers CPG brands with the information and tools they need to effectively connect with consumers and enhance their experience through building trust.

But how exactly can brands implement first- and zero-party data into the new marketing model to enhance customers’ experience? Connected products and smart products platforms like those powered by Blue Bite empower CPG brands to create better consumer CPG experiences with the new marketing model.

Education, Efficiency and Enhancing

Blue Bite is the smart products platform that empowers brands to learn from consumers and their behaviors, and efficiently implement that data to create more successful, personalized connections.


Smart products platforms like Blue Bite have built-in tools that empower brands to learn directly from consumers themselves — rather than guessing.

Smart products, smart packaging, and smart advertising that utilize quick response (QR) codes and near-field communication (NFC) tags are key to connecting with consumers to learn powerful insights and gather first- and zero-party data.

Blue Bite powers all these smart systems through a connected smart products platform. When customers tap a QR code or scan an NFC tag, they can share first-and zero-party data directly with the smart products platform.

Brands are then empowered with data on exactly what consumers want, how they’re using products/services and more. Companies no longer have to guess what consumers want — they learn it directly.


The digital world seems to be evolving quicker by the day — so keeping up-to-date on the latest consumer data is crucial to CPG brands’ success.

Rather than waiting weeks or months to determine whether ad campaigns were successful — or having to guess which marketing method most successfully brought in new customers — with Blue Bite, brands are empowered with real-time data on their connected products and materials.

That data is organized in an easy-to-understand format that’s accessible at marketers’ and innovators’ fingertips so they can stay up-to-date on how consumers are responding to the latest campaigns and using the newest products.


As brands learn more from consumers themselves about their behaviors and what they want, they can adjust and optimize content. If brands see an opportunity to tweak messaging or upsell a product, they can make updates to more effectively connect with consumers.

Brands can leverage product data, consumers’ location, language and time information, previous actions, and more to send the right message to the right people with a timed and tailored delivery.

With the new marketing model, as brands learn more, they should be constantly be evolving their methods to be more effective — and Blue Bite empowers brands to do just that.

Use First- and Zero-Party Data to Create Personalized CPG Experiences for Consumers

As brands find more efficient and effective ways to learn from consumers, organize their data and respond to learnings from it, they don’t have to sacrifice consumer experiences — in fact, they can improve that experience.

When a customer indicates through a Blue Bite Experience the kind of items they’re looking for, brands can show them what they’re already seeking. They can also capitalize on this data to show consumers related items they may also take interest in — rather than something that’s far off a customer’s radar. It’s not simply marketing, it’s an immersive CPG experience that effectively connects with consumers in an engaging manner.

Brands can jump ahead in the sales funnel by showing customers exactly what they want to see. This helps build trust and therefore makes consumers more likely to make a purchase.

Personalized CPG Experiences Powered by Blue Bite

Each consumer is unique. To be the most effective with the new marketing model, brands shouldn’t have the same approach when connecting with each customer. Blue Bite empowers brands to use personalized data from consumers to provide personalized CPG experiences.

With the new CPG marketing model, brands can learn from consumers and show them exactly what they want with a timed and tailored delivery. First- and zero-party data from consumers themselves empowers brands with the information they need to connect with them in the most efficient, genuine way possible — and continue adapting as they learn more. This fosters a trusting relationship with consumers and continually pushes brands to improve the CPG experience.


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