Uncorking the Future: How QR Codes are Transforming Wine Labels

QR codes are revolutionizing the wine industry, turning labels into interactive experiences

October 26, 2023

Wine brands were once left only a label to differentiate themselves from dozens — if not hundreds or thousands — of other bottles on the shelves. They also face the challenges that come with limited space on the label. 

What if you could easily draw in consumers and tell them everything from your unique brand story to the perfect food pairings that go with that specific wine?

With QR codes, you can do all that — and more.

Here’s a look at how QR codes are transforming static labels into dynamic, engaging experiences for consumers.

The Power of QR

Instead of depending on the label to tell consumers your rich brand story — which just truly isn’t possible with the limited physical space — QR codes allow you to turn the label into an interactive digital experience.

Share everything the consumer wants to know – including:

  • Flavor profile
  • Tasting notes
  • Food pairings
  • The origins of the wine
  • The story of how it was made
  • Value-added behind the scenes of the vineyard and winemaking process
  • And more

A majority of consumers are interested in learning more about wine and spirits through connected technology, Blue Bite’s 2022 Connected Products U.S. Consumer Trend Report found — displaying QR codes on wine labels as a prime way for brands to meet consumer wants and needs.

How Innovative Brands Are Going Above and Beyond the Label

In 2021, wine importer, marketer and sales company Quintessential began incorporating QR codes into some of their top brands. Co-owner Dennis Kreps noted to Wine Industry Advisor that QR codes “are a simple, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to deliver tasting notes and brand information directly to the palms of our consumers’ hands.”

Quintessential is just one of many companies to transform the consumer experience with QR codes.

Kenwood Vineyards worked with Blue Bite to create a full Connected Products strategy using the power of QR — and saw a 10% engagement rate and an average on-page time of more than 13 minutes. With just a quick scan, consumers were immersed in a Dynamic Experience sharing:

  • A behind-the-scenes of winemaking
  • The unique history of the Jack Lonon brand
  • The tasting notes inside the bottle they held in their hands
  • Kenwood-owned recipes
  • And more

Discover how Kenwood Vineyards immersed consumers in the Jack London brand story here.

Turn Static Labels into Dynamic Experiences

Blue Bite’s Connected Products platform makes it easy to share the right message with consumers at the right time and place — turning static labels into interactive experiences with a simple scan.

Share quick information (like tasting notes) in-store to surprise and delight consumers. Tell them exactly what they want and need to know about what your brand and bottle has to offer.

Once the consumer is home, offer a more detailed look at in-depth information — like recipes, additional bottle recommendations, and more.

Plus, with Blue Bite’s easy-to-use Experience Studio, you can change the destination of a QR code at any time. As you gain valuable insights and analytics on how consumers are interacting with your labels, you can make adjustments to tailor the experience every step of the way.

Incorporating QR Into Your Label

It’s easy to incorporate a QR code into your existing wine labels.

  • On the front: Catch consumers’ eyes with a QR code that’s front and center, encouraging them to scan without ever having to pick up the bottle. 
  • On the back: Some brands place the QR code on the side or back of the bottle. Even if it’s not visible from the front, it’s still accessible and simple to scan — rather than leaving consumers to search small print on the label to find out what they want to know.
  • External tags and stickers: External tags and stickers are a great way to add a QR code to any bottle. They don’t take up space on the existing label — they add extra real estate and are another way that brands can help their bottles stand out on shelves.

Whether you choose a simplistic QR design, incorporate a logo into the code or supplement with language encouraging consumers to scan (like “Scan to learn more”), there are so many ways you can use this connecting technology to transform the label.

Transform Your Labels With QR

Wine brands no longer have to rely solely on the label to tell their brand story. Instead, with QR powered by a connected products platform like Blue Bite, there is no limit to what you can share to engage your consumers.

Ready to transform each bottle into an interactive touchpoint and immerse consumers in a Dynamic Experience?


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